11 Dangerous Jobs That Pay Extremely Well

There are many people who end up taking a dangerous for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes it is for the ability to simply just brag to their friends about it, but many times, it is also because of the pay that comes with doing this kind of work. A good general rule of thumb, is the higher the risk, the higher the pay. What you can expect to make at any of these jobs, is something that is going to change depending on the location of these jobs. Some places are going to pay more than others, but the one thing that is for certain, you can expect your pay check to be on the higher side.


Surgeon is a profession that many people don’t normally equate with danger. Most of the time, when someone brings up surgeon as a profession, the attention is normally brought to the danger that the patient has to endure. The truth, is that surgery is dangerous to both the patient and the doctors who are preforming it. Each patent that a surgeon takes care of, makes it so they are being exposed to numerous body fluids that can carry a wide variety of different diseases. Even with surgeons wearing protective face masks and gloves, there are a number of diseases that can go through these barriers. Even with the most clean and organized work environment, it is impossible for a surgeon to keep blood and other fluids from getting all over them. This danger with diseases and the risk of the well-being of the patient, are just two of the reasons why it takes years for doctors to become surgeons.


Race Car Drivers

Racecar drivers, in particular Nascar drivers, earn some of the highest earnings out of any other sporting leagues. Besides their high salaries, many drives also make an obscene amount of money through advertisements and endorsements. The high speeds that drivers travel at, puts a strain on them both physically and mentally. One break in the high level of concentration that is needed, can lead to the driving crashing their car. The crash can cause anything from simple breaks and can even be something that leads to the death of the driver. Over the years, there have been many safety regulations that have been put into place to help better ensure the safety of the drivers. Even with the added safety however, a simple mistake can quickly turn into something that has dire consequences.

Race car


Becoming an astronaut is one of the toughest things that you can do. There is no real clear path through school that will lead for you work in outer space. The salary that many astronauts start out with is around $64000 a year, but this can grow to well over $140,000 a year. The risk level for this job however, is higher than the other jobs on this list. The dangers that have to be faced are not only found in the cosmos, but there are a countless number of things that can go wrong before they even get a chance to take off. Over the years, there have been a number of different accidents that have not only put a high number of astronauts at risk, but there have been a number of fatalities from things such as engine malfunction or accident that has occurred while in orbit.


Commercial Diver

Diving is an occupation that has a lot of demand. When it comes to simple things such as underwater conservation up to underwater construction projects, the diver is the most important worker on the team. Starting off divers are looking at making around $22 an hour. The more experience the diver, the higher the pay is. The average high end pay for a commercial diver is around $40 an hour. With this job however, there are numerous methods that can lead to injury or death. Divers have to be aware of their oxygen levels, equipment as well as the environment around them. One malfunction or accident can leave a diver stranded at the bottom of the ocean.


Commercial Fisherman

Like commercial divers, commercial fisherman find themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature. The weather on the ocean can change drastically from one minute to the next. This can cause the crew of the ships to find themselves having to fight with rogue waves, strong winds and a countless number of environmental dangers. Many commercial fisherman start their day off early in the morning and spend hours on end doing extremely tough work. Commercial fisherman make an average about $58,000 a year with most of their work being seasonal. The danger level that commercial fisherman can anticipate largely depends on the part of the ocean that they are fishing in. While the weather is something that is always going to be subject for a quick change, some parts of the oceans can be a lot more hazardous than other parts. Many of these places commercial fisherman tend to head out when the weather tends to be the worst as well.


Airplane Pilot

Airplane technology has come a long way from the early days. Technology has allowed for airplanes to travel anywhere in the world that you want. Professional pilots make about $98,000 a year. With this great pay comes a huge level of responsibility. Pilots have to be able to cope with dangerous environmental factors while also having to function when something mechanical breaks down. A mistake while flying doesn’t just put the pilot’s life at risk, but endangers the passengers that he is carrying as well. Being a pilot can be a very profitable line of work to get into, if you are willing to take the extra steps to not just master the art of flying, but to also prepare yourself for anything that can go wrong. The issues that you could end up facing, can also be cupped together with long hours of being up in the air and fatigue from sitting for those long stretches.


MMA Fighter

MMA is an extremely popular sport that has been growing over the last few years. Fighters train themselves to get into brutal matches against a wide variety of different styles. This diversity of styles makes it so that is more difficult to figure out what the other fighter is going to do. This difficulty makes it so that fighters have a higher chance of taking hits than in other similar sports. MMA fighters make $500,000 a year with bonuses coming to the fighter for wins that they are able to get.


Police Officer

Being a police officer is one of the few jobs that you are expecting someone to attack you. Officers go through training that covers everything from subduing a potential criminal up to self-defense. With each rank that a police office is able to achieve, their pay goes up. The average pay for a police officer is around $56,000 a year with higher ranks being able to earn upwards of $100,000 a year. Police officers experience a wide range of injuries from simple sprains and breaks, up to more serious injuries such as being wounded by a firearm.


Iron Workers

384px-Construction_WorkersIron workers are the key to the construction industry. Any type of construction project that is going to require steel, iron or similar materials, is going to need to have an iron worker to make materials. The average rate that iron workers can expect to get paid is $53,000 a year with this rate going up depending on the area that you are looking at. Iron workers in New York, can make up $80,000 a year. Iron workers have to work in almost every condition. From high on top of roots to down in tunnels. Each of these different environments presents not just its own challenges on how to get the work done, but it also can present its own unique injuries for iron workers. The most common injuries that are found among iron workers are related to power tools in cramped work spaces.

Stunt Double

Being a stunt double is a job that every day that you go into the office, you can expect to be doing something that is going to be dangerous to do. Stunt doubles replace actors who might either not be physically able to do a certain stunt or for contract reasons isn’t able to do it. The stunt itself isn’t the only thing that might cause injury to the stunt double. Things such as the weather can increase the risk level for the stunt double. Unlike other jobs on this list, being a stunt double is something that the pay can fluctuate greatly from job to job. The average wage that is listed for a stunt double is $880 a gig. This makes it so a 5 day work week can net a stunt double $35,000. The more gigs that a stunt double is able to land, the more that they can end up making.



Last but not least! Lifeguards, what would we do without these sexy life savers? You may have been introduced to Lifeguards through Bay Watch but their reality is much more intense when someone is drowning and yelling for help