10 Qualities That Will Get You Hired for Any Job


With the job market back on the rise now is the perfect time to send out your CV and start getting interviews. Employers will always be on the lookout for their next star employee and that could easily be you, if you know what they’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a career change or are just getting into work, we have put together a list of the 10 most important qualities you need to get hired for any job.


Competitive Edge


There is one thing that employers love about new candidates and that is a competitive edge. If you have the will to win then you’re far more likely to impress potential employers than those who don’t care if they win or lose. Companies that are successful will be filled with employees who are competitive and who want to succeed in the workplace. Those who are high achievers will always have a competitive edge and this will stand out in the interview; and in your CV. It’s not just competing against other employees that they’re looking for, however, it is the will to beat competition in the marketplace. You can help their business grow if you’re constantly looking for new ways to be better than the competition. Show that you have that competitive edge and you’ll certainly impress any potential employers. Just remember, there’s a distinction between being cut-throat ruthless and being competitive; you don’t want to make them think you’ll do anything to be the best, if that anything involves running another employee.

Ability to Lead


Regardless of whether you’re going for a leadership role or not, all employers want to see that you have some kind of ability to lead. Even if you’re starting off at the very bottom of the career ladder, potential employers want to see that you’re planning for a future within their company. With this in mind, having leadership skills is vital. This will prove to them that you’re not just planning on sitting at the bottom of the career ladder for your whole time within the company. They will then be more likely to think of you as a long term investment for their business, which is always a good thing. However, make sure that you stress how well you work in a team as well as a leader of a team. You want to be able to carefully balance the ability to follow with the ability to lead, as this is what will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Prove your leadership skills are something that can be worked on and developed, in order for you to fit in with the future of the company.


Those who get knocked back in interviews, several times, are going to impress an employer tenfold. Why? Because chances are you’re going to get knocked back in their business too. A client may tell you no, a potential customer may have reservations, and one of your ideas may fall flat on its face. When this happens you have to be resilient in order to bounce back, brush yourself off and start again. If you can prove you are resilient then employers are going to be far more interested; it proves to them that you know how to pick yourself back up. If you have never been letdown in your life then you may not handle rejection very well, which can then involve them having to spend time and money developing your resilience skills. You need to be able to see any problems as challenges, in an optimistic manner. If you fail then you’re going to get back on your feet and continue working hard for the company. This is a big plus point for all potential employers.


Of course, one of the biggest qualities any employer is going to be looking for is ambition. If you’re lacking drive and motivation then chances are you’re not going to impress anyone. However, if you have the determination to succeed then your potential employer’s eyes are going to light up. This ties in very well with both the resilience and competitive edge traits, which you’re obviously going to put forward in your CV and interview as well. Those who are ambitious will overcome any hurdles in their way and will do practically anything to be where they want to be. In business ambitious always seems to equal more profit, which is going to be a huge selling point for you. Make sure you prove that you’re not happy unless you’re smashing targets, hitting goals and constantly impressing the boss. If you can prove your ambition and drive then there is no way they’re not going to want to hire you.


Whatever role you apply for you’re always going to need some kind of creativity. The ability to think outside the box and come up with new ideas will impress any employer, whether that be in a fast food chain or a world bank. Successful companies rely on new ideas and innovation to keep them one step ahead of the competition, so someone who is full of creativity will certainly appeal. If you have new ideas of how to make your work more productive or of capturing new clients then you’ll put a smile on any employer’s face. Recruiters are always looking for people who can bring something new and unique to their company, so prove that you have that creative edge. Do some research into the company and see if there are any new ideas that spring to mind, that you can put forward in your covering letter or during an interview. They’ll be impressed with your ability to think outside the box, even if they don’t want to adopt the idea.


If you are passionate about the job you are applying for then you are far more likely to get hired; even if you don’t necessarily have all of the right qualifications. Employers are always on the lookout for those who have a real passion for their industry and chosen career path, as they know that these are the people who will work the hardest. Not only that but you are far more likely to stick with the company if you have an actual passion for what they do. Passionate people will always be happy in their workplace, far more productive during the work day, and are less likely to take time off work as well. If you can put across your passion in your pitch then you’re well onto your way to a new job. With this in mind, make sure you apply for jobs you’re actually passionate about, even if you don’t necessarily have all of the right experience and qualifications. Just make sure you show that passion in your CV, covering letter and hopefully the interview.

Decision Makers

Decision Makers

If you’re the kind of person who can’t decide what you want for dinner, then you’re probably not going to appeal to potential employers. Those who dither or who are always unsure are not what an employer is looking for. Instead, they want people who are ready to make decisions at any given moment. Even if those decisions are tough ones. You need to be able to quickly analyze a situation and make a decision based on the information you have at hand, in order to impress. You may find that some interviewers will pose some examples to you, so that they can gauge how good you are at decision making. Make sure you are fully prepared and brush up on your decision making skills, before going face to face with a potential employer. Show that you’re not wishy-washy and that job is yours. If you’re not very good at making decisions ensure you get some practice in before going for interviews; even if it is just making a quick decision on what you want for dinner.

Fast Learners


If you can prove you are quick to adopt new procedures and learn the ropes then you’ll be high up in an employer’s wish list. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all of the skills and qualifications they’re looking for, as long as you pick up on new things quickly. This could be anything from how to operate a till to making important business phone calls. Don’t worry if you’ve never done some of the things they’re asking for, just be honest. Let them know that although you have no experience you are a fast learner; therefore proving you can pick up on whatever they’re asking at rapid pace. Employers then won’t have to invest too much time or money into training you, which is a big plus in their eyes. Prove to them that you’re passionate about learning and bettering yourself, both at home and at work, to tick all the boxes on their new employee sheet. However, don’t lie and say you’re a fast learner if you’re not, as this is a one way ticket to being fired.


If a potential employer can’t trust you then they’re not going to hire you, it’s as simple as that. This means telling the truth on your CV, in your covering letter, and in the interview. If you’ve told them you have a qualification and you don’t then they will find out. You also need to prove that you are a trustworthy person throughout the whole hiring process. Let them in on a little secret, such as you overslept a couple of days last year because the baby kept you up all night, and they’ll know you are an honest person. Of course, you don’t need to go into the full details of all the terrible things you’ve ever done at work or at home (unless you want them to run a mile). However, give them a little bit of honesty and they’ll see that you are the kind of employee they can trust. Being trustworthy is a great way to win that job of your dreams.


No matter how many of the above qualities you have, you won’t get hired for that job unless you’re friendly and personable. If you’re difficult to talk to or come across as rude then you’ll be crossed off the list right away. Employers are looking for people that they can get on with, along with those who will get on with the rest of the team. If you’re stand offish then chances are you could cause friction in the workplace. You need to prove that you’re personable and friendly, even if it is just by plastering a big smile on your face during the interview. If you get the potential employer to like you as a person, as much as they like your other skills and qualities, then the job is in the bag. However, don’t be overly friendly or too casual, as it will work against your favor. Strike a healthy balance of being friendly and professional, throughout the entire recruitment process.