10 Top Traits Of Every Great Entrepreneur

Who doesn’t want to be a successful business man or woman? To be able to take on the world with an incredible idea! Before lapping up all the financial rewards that come with it. Let’s face it, you’re sold, right? But, how do you become an entrepreneur? Apart from having a great business idea, of course. Here are the traits you’ll find every great business owner possess.


1. Risk Taker

If you want to get far in business then you need to be able to take risks. Those who shy away in the corner, too afraid to do anything, won’t become a successful entrepreneur. There’s no way Richard Branson was going to make it big, if he didn’t take risks. Of course, you have to have some degree of sensibility too. There’s a difference between being impulsive (and stupid) and taking clever risks. Navigate the two and you’re onto a surefire winner.

2. Confident

You’ll never see a great entrepreneur hidden away in the corner of the room. They have to dominate it! It’s the only way they can lead other people and become a success. If you’re a wallflower then you’ll find that it’s much harder to get noticed. Okay, so there are some exceptions (Bill Gates) but even he had a degree of confidence in what he was doing. Have that trait within you and you’ll find yourself soaring to the top in no time.

3. Modest

While it’s all well and good being confident, you have to have a level of modesty in you too. No one likes a smarmy git! If you act like you know everything and you’re better than everyone else, nobody is going to take to you. You’ll also find it harder to recruit and keep hold of staff. Modesty is the key to being successful and well liked. So, find the perfect balance between being confident and being modest. We never said it was going to be easy!

4. A Learner

Do you love to learn new things? If so, you’re probably cut out for this entrepreneur thing. Only those who want to expand their minds every single day will make it to the top. If you think you know everything already then you’re in for a shock. The ability and craving to learn as much as possible will ensure you become the best business owner you can be. Plus, you’ll be able to do your own accounts, marketing and sales simply by learning it all.

5. Passion

If you don’t have a passion for what you do then there’s no chance on this planet you’ll make anything of yourself. If you go to work every day counting down the minutes until you can go home, then you’re in the wrong industry. Every great business man or woman has a real passion for whatever it is they do or sell. Without that passion they’re just moneymaking machines, which doesn’t appeal to anyone. Love what you do and the rest will come easy.

6. A Chameleon

We don’t mean you need to turn into a lizard with goggly eyes. However, you will need to learn how to adapt to each and every different situation. Can you talk to an elderly person and have the same impact as talking to a young person? Can you deal with situations and problems as they arise? In business, someone is always going to put a spanner in the works and you’ll always deal with a wide range of people. Make sure you can adapt to all these situations.

7. Motivation

If you’re not motivated then you won’t make it as an entrepreneur. Sorry to break it to you. The fact is, most business owners have started out by themselves in an empty office or at home. They have had to constantly push and motivate themselves; there’s been no one else there to do it for them. If you can’t motivate yourself then you’re destined to fail. How can you motivate a team if you can’t even push yourself?

8. Public Speaking

It’s not a trait as such, but it is a skill you’re going to want to learn. Some of the best business owners in the world have had to learn how to speak in public. After all, not all of us are born being able to talk to a huge crowd of people. If you want to become the next Steve Jobs then you’re going to want to brush up on your public speaking skills. Without them, you’re going to be dead in the water.

9. Networker

Along with being able to talk to a large group of people, you’ll always want to learn how to network. One on one! Can you build up your list of contacts on your lunch break? Do you know how to make people want to talk to you again? This is a trait that has ensured the success of so very many rich and famous entrepreneurs. It’s now even easier thanks to social media and networking events. You just need to know how to talk to people. 

10. Determined

Finally, you need a goal. By setting yourself a goal and throwing yourself towards it, you can ensure that you’re determined. You’re ready to fall over ten times and get up twenty. You are fully determined to reach your goal and exceed everyone’s expectations. Without this key trait then you may as well just give up now. There’s no way Alan Sugar became as successful as he is, without a lot of determination. So, make sure that’s a trait you’re willing to learn.