This 100 Year Old Man is a Real-Life Angel!

Do you wonder what real angels look like? No, they don’t have wings or wear white. In real life, angels look like any other human being, and you might not realize that one is already near you. Take for instance Dobri Dimitrov Dobrev, a 100 year old man who is considered a hero of his community. He is known as The Saint of Baylovo or Grandpa Dobri. Baylovo is the place of his birth.

So what’s so special about Dobri Dimitrov Dobrev? He doesn’t have much worldly possession, but he’ll make you believe that angels do exist once you have heard his story. It begins on July 20, 1914 when Dobri Dimitrov Dobrev was born in Baylovo. His father died during the First World War and was raised since by his mother. He nearly died during the Second World War when a shell fell near him. He lost most of his hearing due to that close call.

At present, he lives in an extension of the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church in Baylovo. He manages to survive with his 80 Euros pension each month. Despite being jobless, he has raised funds for the restoration of monasteries and churches across Bulgaria. He also gives to orphanages and charities. That’s the reason why he was dubbed as the Saint of Baylovo.


In the past, he walked several miles a day to the city of Sofia and collected money in front of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. But due to his old age, he now has to rely on public transport for his travels. Most of the bus and tram drivers don’t make him pay for his fare. Once he’s on the site, he holds out his tin cup. He doesn’t pester people to give him money. He usually talks to people about God and says thanks whenever people drop money in his box.

Grandpa Dobri is one of the most loved and praised Bulgarians. There was a public campaign in the encouraged people to give him food but instead of accepting it, he gave all the food to the church. He is a simple and modest man whose only desire is to help those in need. He is a good example, not just for Bulgarians, but for everyone across the globe.

Hardships and extreme poverty have not discouraged Grandpa Dobri from believing that sharing is caring. He showed that the world is a better place if people do an act of kindness. Hopefully, there are more people who will follow his example. Dobri means good in Bulgarian. Maybe his parents have already foreseen the goodness that he will bring to the world. If everyone becomes a little like him then the world will be a better place to live in.

There’s no doubt that Dobri Dimitrov Dobrev is a real life angel. His selfless act will surely restore your faith in humanity. Despite asking for money, he is not a beggar. On the other hand, his selfless act is a blessing to the Church as well as to all of mankind.