11 Cheapest Cars In America

In this day and age it’s difficult to be able to afford all of the things you want and need. Cars are one of those luxury items that not all of us can splash the cash on, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Nowadays you can buy a car in America pretty cheap and still have some leftover money for fuel. We’ve found the 11 cheapest cars in America.


Nissan Versa

This is easily the cheapest new car you can get your hands on! The Nissan Versa can be snapped up for around $12,800 if you opt for the 1.6 sedan model. Whilst it may be the cheapest car you can buy in America, it isn’t the smallest. In fact most car experts say this is pretty roomy as far as sedans go, especially in the backseat. It may not be one of the most attractive cars you can buy, but if you want to save the cents then the Nissa Versa is the one for you. It also has some pretty nice features as standard, such as air conditioning, a CD stereo and Bluetooth phone connectivity.

You may want to spend a bit of extra money on power windows and locks, especially if you’re using it as a family car. Still, not bad for under $13k!

Nissan Note



Chevrolet Spark LS Hatchback

This little car certainly won’t be winning you any races with its tiny engine and 84hp. However, for $12,995 you can’t really complain if you lose a race against pedestrians. The Chevrolet Spark also comes with a lot of luxurious features as standard, including alloy wheels, power windows, ten airbags (ten!), a 4G hotspot and air conditioning. Phew! The small size of the car will also make it a pleasure to drive and even more of a pleasure to park.

The cheaper model comes in manual transmission as standard, but it is only an extra $1,000 or so if you want to grab yourself an automatic.  It may not be the fastest car in America but it certainly is one of the cheapest, and thanks to all the different colors, one of the most cheerful!




Mitsubishi Mirage DE

Although this may be one of the cheapest cars in America it isn’t necessarily one of the best when it comes to value for money. You’re getting less horsepower than the Spark (and that’s saying something), along with a lot less extras. However, it is a good looking car and you can be sure that the Mitsubishi will probably last you a fair bit longer than the Spark. It is also fairly cheap to run, delivering around 40 miles per gallon in usual daily driving. That means you can ferry the whole family to school, work and the mall, without having to worry about how much the fuel is going to cost. It may not be cost effective compared to some of the others we have already looked at, but we still think it deserves a place on this list at $13,790.




Smart ForTwo Pure

This is the cheapest car in America to come with an automatic transmission as standard, but it may not be one of your favorites on the list. The car itself is extremely tiny and only has two seats, so it’s not going to be any good to you if you’ve got a family to drive around. The Smart car was actually really designed for the busy city streets in Europe, so it’s perfect for parking in tiny spaces (and trying to avoid traffic). You’re also pretty much guaranteed to turn heads when driving around in this rather cube-like car.

It’s a steal at $14,020 even if there are a few teething problems with this model. Luckily, an updated version is due for release by 2016 and we reckon that will top the charts when it comes to value for money.


Ford Fiesta S

Ford have had a funny couple of years; first being too expensive with their cars, then dropping the prices, and now finally finding a happy medium.

The Ford Fiesta S is now one of the cheapest cars in America – and we think it’s also one of the best looking. While every other car company raised their prices, Ford decided it would drop theirs and surprise the competition instead. You’ll get a basic stereo and air conditioning with the least expensive model, which comes in at $14,690. It has an incredible fuel economy, is a pleasure to drive, and has enough room for the whole family. You can upgrade to automatic for just over $1,000 or even go for the five door hatchback version for just an extra $500. Overall the Fiesta is a winner in our books.


Kia Rio LX

Here’s a cheap car that (thankfully) doesn’t actually look like a cheap car. The sleek styling of the Kia Rio means you won’t be too embarrassed to drive this around the city. In fact, no one will be able to guess that you’ve paid just $14,700 for this vehicle! This car also comes with some nice features as standard, meaning you won’t have to fork out for any extras if you don’t want to; the CD stereo has a USB port and you won’t need to pay extra for air conditioning. The only downfall is if you do want to buy any extras, as they all seem to be quite pricey.

Automatic transmission upgrades are over $1,200 and power windows and locks are $1,200 exactly – for the whole lot bundled together. The Kia Rio is great value if you just want the basic model.


Chevrolet Sonic LS

Car fanatics love this reasonably priced car and you’ll find it topping plenty of lists when it comes to good value for money. It looks good, it drives well, and it has a pretty powerful engine. It even has more features as standard than some luxury cars, with ten airbags, air conditioning and alloy wheels. Even the interior feels like it’s straight from a luxurious vehicle. What makes this car even more special is that it is the only one on this list to actually have been made in America. It is one of the cheapest cars in America and built in the USA – You can’t say fairer than that.

With a basic model price of $15,070 we have a feeling this is going to be one of the most popular good value cars on the market, for quite some time.


Hyundai Accent GLS

The Hyundai Accent is so similar to the Kia Rio that it could actually be the same car, only with a slightly different chassis. It has a fuel efficient engine, a long warranty (always handy) and plenty of room in the back for all the kids. So, why is the Accent $15,555 and therefore more expensive than the Kia? Well, it does come with a few extra features for a start – including power windows and locks, with a snazzy keyless remote, and the same features as the Kia (USB stereo and air conditioning). You can also upgrade the transmission to automatic for a lot less, meaning this car is effectively better for money.

The Hyundai may not be the cheapest on our list but you can bet it has great value for money, which is what really counts in the grand scheme of things.


Toyota Yaris L (3-Door)

You wouldn’t have found the Yaris on any car experts list over the last few years, but things have changed in 2015. Toyota Yaris have made some huge improvements with their latest model and it’s starting to get noticed for all the right reasons. The new Yaris looks much better than previous models, has improved suspension, is incredible to drive, and has a solid reliability rating – as with all Toyota cars really. And it is only $15,670 so you can’t really complain about the price, either.  You can opt for the automatic version at just $725 more, too.

Overall, this is one of the cheapest cars in America and one that is bound to last you some serious mileage without feeling like you’re driving around in a tin can. A great buy!


Kia Soul Base

Looking for a car that’s a little bit meatier? Then the Kia Soul Base could be exactly what you’ve had your heart set on. Although the price may have risen slightly for this year it is still only $15,900 which is great for a car of this size. You’ll find that the Soul drives as though it has been built to be an expensive car and it has some great styling to it too. As for luxurious features, well you’re spoilt with what comes as standard; power locks and windows, alloy wheels, tinted windows, air conditioning, iPod stereo, cruise control, and satellite radio.

You’re not going to find another cheap car in America that comes with all of that as standard. The only downfall to this vehicle is if you want an automatic transmission, which can come in at an extra $2,000!

Honda Fit Base

The most expensive car on our list, but still one of the cheapest in America. The Honda Fit is a dream for those who don’t want to spend an absolute fortune but still have a little bit to play around with – You can buy the base model for $16,315. This car may seem small on the outside but it has plenty of room inside – a bit like the wardrobe to Narnia! The Fit is pretty fuel efficient, is known for its durability and reliability, and is a complete dream to drive.

You’ll find plenty of car experts talking about how much they love the Honda Fit for a whole range of reasons. Our reasons? It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and it’s the perfect family car on a budget.