11 Most Passionate Football Fans in Europe

There’s no denying that Europe is the home of football. Although the US have tried to adopt this sport, the true fans and players stick together in Europe. As soon as teams from around this part of the world meet, the fans come out and show how passionate they truly are. But, who is the most passionate? Will it be the die-hard Brits or the forever-faithful Germans? Let’s take a look at the most passionate football fans in Europe.

Borussia Dortmund

Not many people will be surprised to see Dortmund as number one on this list. The entire city is completely obsessed by football and most of the locals will never miss a game. Photos of them flocking to the stadium, in their black and yellow, are some of the most breathtaking you’ll ever see.

B Fans



According to the latest statistics they manage to fill their stadium to 99.8% capacity every home match. That’s 80,500 people in the Dortmund stadium, at least once a fortnight. You can’t really get much more passionate than that.

Germany Fans

FC Barcelona

Another one that’s not much of a shocker here! In fact, FC Barcelona has so many passionate fans that people from around the world support this team. Not just those living in Spain! It has the biggest stadium in the whole of Europe, Camp Nou, and therefore sees tens of thousands of people through the doors every season.


Although it can fit nearly 99,000 people through the doors, it sees on average 77,000 fans for every home match. Still, not a bad turn out if you ask us! The fans, the stadium, and the players, are some of the best in the world at Barcelona.


Manchester United

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Manchester United have a huge fan base. In the UK they’re one of the best teams in the Premiership. Fans from around the world never miss a game, even if they have to watch it online! It’s like everyone on the planet knows who they are and what they do.

Old Trafford


Old Trafford is their giant stadium and it has one of the best attendance rates in Europe. It is filled almost to capacity every single home game, seeing over 75,000 fans through the door each time.

Man United

Real Madrid

The Real Madrid fans are some of the most passionate we’ve ever seen. Even during the week you’ll see locals out in football shirts, chanting songs. It may have something to do with the number of legends that play on their pitch, including Ronaldo, Beckham and Zidane. Or perhaps it’s because the atmosphere here is so great.



Although they still see around 72,000 fans through the door every day, they’re a little shy when it comes to filling up. They have an 85,000+ capacity, so it’s less than 85% filled every match. Perhaps all the worldwide fans need to start attending more games, if they want to show their true passion.


Bayern Munich

Back to Germany, a country which truly loves its football. This team is renowned for dominating German Football, thanks to winning the Bundesliga 22 times now.



Although they are technically the best team in Germany, they’re lacking a little when it comes to stadium capacity. This means that only 71,000 fans get to watch the game at Allianz Arena every time. That does mean that it hits 99.8% of its total capacity, however. We think that even if they expanded their stadium, they’d still be nearly filled to the brim with passionate German fans. After all, they are the best in the country.

Allianz Arena


Sticking in Germany for yet another successful team. Schalke seem to trail behind Dortmund and Bayern in the league, but they’re fans are some of the most passionate. Perhaps it’s because everyone loves supporting the underdog. The fans can regularly be seen filling up the stadium and the local town, during match days. With a fairly small arena compared to some of the other German sides, many of the local pubs will play the Schalke matches instead. This means that everyone gets a chance to watch the game, even if they didn’t get tickets to see it live.



Although there have been some troublesome times for Arsenal over the last few years, their fans have remained dedicated without fault. They haven’t been doing as well as they have done in the past, but it hasn’t put their fans off. Neither has the expensive ticket prices! The Emirates is the third biggest stadium in the whole of the UK, and yet still reaches almost maximum capacity for every game. It seems that even a lackluster performance and high ticket prices can put off the passionate Gunners from supporting their team. They also have one of the longest standing football managers in history, which truly says something about their dedication.



Oh look, we’re back in Germany (sorry Brits). Although they’re one of the worst teams on our list, there is something about the fans that ensures they secured a place.



They’ve had a terrible few seasons and are really struggling to stay in the Bundesliga, but it hasn’t put any of their dedicated fans off. Head to Hamburg on a match day and watch all of the fans turn up, singing songs and waving flags. Their stadium can fit 57,000 people in and it’s nearly always at capacity – with an average of 92% people attending the games. Not bad for such a poor side!

HSV Fans


You may think that Amsterdam is all about museums and tulips. In which case, you’ve never been to the city of match day. Every single pub and coffee shop will have the Ajax matches on television. Thousands of fans flock to the Amsterdam Arena to see their side play. The fans are so passionate and yet so polite, which makes a nice change in European football. The giant arena is nearly always filled to the brim when Ajax are playing. Even if they’re not doing as well as some of the other Dutch teams in the league.


Tottenham Hotspur

They may have had a turbulent few years, but nothing can put the Spurs fans off from filling the stadium. Thanks to the close proximity of Tottenham and Arsenal, you’ll normally find a fair few brawls in pubs nearby. Passion or plain stupidity? Either way, the fans are known for sticking up for their team. Although they haven’t won any medals in quite a long time, their fans are some of the most dedicated in British football history. They also have a fair few famous fans, such as Sir Alan Sugar.


Newcastle United

Finally, one more team in the UK Premier League. They’re easily one of the worst teams on the list (no offence guys), yet their fans are some of the best. The stadium is always at least 95% full, even when they’re playing some of the smaller teams. It seems as though The Magpies manage to drum up a lot of support, as underdogs. If you want to see some true British football fans then a trip to St James’ Park is the way to go. Failing that, just head to Newcastle city center during match day to see the sea of black and white shirts.