12 Most Expensive Stadiums in the World

Building a sports stadium isn’t exactly cheap, but how much do they really cost? Here are the most expensive stadiums in the world.

National Stadium

Although this stadium hasn’t technically been built yet, when it’s completed it will be the most expensive in the world.

Japan are currently working on this Tokyo based stadium for the 2020 Olympics, which is due to cost $2 billion.

MetLife Stadium

Situated in New Jersey, this is the second most expensive stadium in the world.


Built in 2010 for the New York Jets and New York Giants, it cost a total of $1.6 billion to make. That’s no pocket change!

Yankee Stadium

Next up is the home of the New York Yankees. It cost $1.3 billion when it was built back in 2009, which is thought to be $2 billion in today’s money.


It has a capacity of around 50,000.

Wembley Stadium

This stadium in London, UK, was built in 2007 to replace the old Wembley. It has 90,000 seats which is the second biggest capacity in Europe.


It also cost a whopping $1.2 billion to build.

Levi’s Stadium

This football stadium in Santa Clara, California, is home to the San Francisco 49ers. It broke ground in 2012 and was officially opened to the public back in 2014.


It’s thought to have cost around $1.2 billion.

AT&T Stadium

What used to be known as Cowboys Stadium, you’ll find the AT&T in Arlington, Texas. Home to the Dallas Cowboys, it can hold up to 105,000 people with standing room.


Total cost? $1.15 billion.

U.S Bank Stadium

Here’s another stadium that hasn’t quite been finished yet, but which is thought to cost over $1 billion when it’s complete.


It will be home to the Minnesota Vikings, who currently play at a University ground while work is ongoing.

Citi Field

It’s one of the most famous stadiums in the world, thanks to being the home ground of the New York Mets.


This 41,000 capacity stadium was started back in 2006 and is thought to have cost $900 million to complete.

Rogers Centre

We’re heading over to Toronto in Canada now, for this multipurpose stadium. It’s home to various sports teams, but is also a concert venue and exhibition centre.


It cost $500 million back in 1989 (around $900 million in today’s money).

Olympic Stadium London

This huge project was started in 2008 in order to be ready for the 2012 Olympics, it’s now under renovation once again!

According to reports it cost around $800 million to complete in time for the big event.

Emirates Stadium

Another London-based stadium, this time the home of the mighty Arsenal Football Club. It was built in 2006 to replace Highbury Stadium, at a cost of around $750 million.

It’s the most expensive stadium in the English Premier League.

Lucas Oil Stadium

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but this stadium cost $720 million to build back in 2008.


It’s now home to the Indianapolis Colts and hosted the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI.