12 Useful Life Hacks To Help You Overcome Winter Time

We’re officially in the middle of the bleak mid-winter. Many areas of the country have already experienced snow and cold weather. It can be an uncomfortable and treacherous time for all, and this is something we all need to prepare for. Imagine you had some sensational life hacks to help you through the winter. Well, now you do! Say hello to our 12 best hacks that will help you overcome winter.

Warm Toilet!

The toilet seat can get pretty cold and uncomfortable in the winter. No one wants to be dealing with a cold bum! So, how about the ingenious method of using unwanted socks to provide a warmer seating arrangement?!


Toasty Insoles

Insoles are important for making us more comfortable, not to mention warmer. So, what better way to beat the winter cold than by using cozy carpet insoles! You can cut out insoles from a warm toasty rug, and bingo!

Cooking Spray Secret

One of the worst things in the winter is when your car doors freeze and stick together. What can you do about it? Well, you may not have thought it, but you can use cooking spray along the edges of the door frame to stop them freezing! Write that down!

Keep Your Bed Warm and Snug

Some people love climbing into a cold bed and warming up naturally, but others can’t deal with the cold. So, for these people, we have the perfect solution. There are a lot of things you can do, but the best one is to prepare a hot water bottle and put it under the covers for around 10 minutes before you get in.


Sole Safety

Ever had problems trying to push your car on the ice and slipping everywhere? You can kiss that goodbye with this genius method. Carry some wool socks in your glove compartment. If you have to get out and push the vehicle, you will at least have some traction.

Bubble Wrap Windows

Think about it; it’s not as daft as it sounds. The way insulation works is pretty much the same. If you cover your windows a with bubble wrap, it will keep them insulated. This will help trap the warmth in, and can make up for lack of double glazing!

Electric Blanket

Making winter investments is really important. You have really to understand that the cold weather can lead to a rise in heating bills. If you want to cut costs, you may decide to invest in an electric blanket. This will keep you really warm and comfortable without the cost of central heating.


Sister Blister

Isn’t it just the worst when you have to deal with blisters in your walking boots and heavy winter shoes? There’s an old trick that can go a long way to help with this. If you buy stick deodorant and rub it on your feet before hiking it will reduce the likelihood of blisters.

Unlock the Secret

Ever worry about your key and lock freezing. This can be a nightmare and will prevent you from using your car properly. So, you should use some hand sanitizer in order to make sure the key works to the best of its ability.

Toothpaste on the Headlights

In the winter you need to try to make sure your headlights are as bright as possible. The fog and gloom can affect things a lot this time of year. So, if you use toothpaste on your headlights, then rinse it off with warm water, it will actually make the light brighter.

Pebble Boot Tray

Drying your boots when you come into the house is something that can cause a lot of mess and water everywhere. You can reduce the risk of this by making pebble boot trays that allow the ice and mud to drain through the pebbles. Brilliant.

Get the Slow Cooker Out

You need to make sure you’re eating right in the winter, and that means lots of hot food. The best thing to do is to utilize your slower cooker. Dig it out and start making some hot, delicious stews and casseroles. It’s easy, quick, and very low-maintenance.