13 Classic Stadiums that Don’t Exist Anymore

As sports fans we can become attached to the stadiums of our favorite teams. Even when they’re run down or falling apart, we still don’t want them to be replaced. Unfortunately, it’s pretty commonplace to tear down a classic stadium and rebuild. Especially now sports teams earn so much money! To commemorate our fallen stadiums, here are 13 classics that don’t exist anymore.


Candlestick Park

Every 49er grieves the loss of Candlestick Park, even though they knew it was long overdue to be knocked down.

Dozens of legendary football players played here, including the great Joe Montana.

However, no one could deny it was falling apart and in need of a refurb at the very least.

This classic stadium was also where the Beatles played their last ever gig.


You don’t get much more historical than that!



Wembley Stadium


Heading over the pond to London in the UK, this stadium was a pinnacle in British Sports.

The original Wembley was opened in 1923 and officially named Empire Stadium. It was renovated in 1963, but everyone knew it was on its final legs when it was closed in 2000.

The stadium was finally demolished in 2003, despite upsetting many sports fans. Wembley played host to the famous 1966 World Cup Final and the 1948 Olympics.

A new one was opened on the original site, in 2007.



Foxboro Stadium


So many New England Patriot fans will remember the Foxboro Stadium in all its glory.

Although, not many will readily admit that it was in desperate need of work.

Established in 1971, this stadium managed to last over 30 years before it was finally closed down and demolished. To house the New England Patriots, the Gillette Stadium was built opposite the old ground. Oh, and the Patriot Place shopping center now takes over the old spot.



Shea Stadium


Although Candlestick Park may have been the place where the Beatles played their last ever gig, Shea Stadium was where they played their first ever US show.

This iconic stadium was first opened in 1964 and quickly became home of the New York Mets. Giants and Jets games were also played at Shea Stadium throughout the years.

Unfortunately, the stadium was beyond refurb by 2008 and closed its doors. It was then knocked down in 2009.



Yankee Stadium


As if we weren’t going to include one of the most famous classic stadiums of them all!

Opened in 1923, this ballpark saw some of the greatest moments in baseball history – and some of the greatest players.

In the early 2000s it was decided that a new stadium was required, so it was closed down in 2008 and demolished by 2010.



The New Yankee Stadium was designed to look similar to the old one, but many Yankee fans believe it’s missing that special something.



Mile High Stadium

Former home of a minor league baseball team and the Denver Broncos, the Mile High Stadium was over 50 years old before it was torn down. Over the years the owners had tried to expand and modernize the stadium, only to find it falling into disrepair in the late 1990s. On December 23rd 2000, Mile High closed its doors for the very last time. It was then torn down in 2002. Gone, but never forgotten.



Soldier Field

Okay, to technically the original Soldier Field does actually exist. It is the oldest NFL stadium in the whole of the US, having been opened over 90 years ago now. However, thanks to the amount of work that’s been done on this stadium, it barely looks like its original self. It was closed in 2002 for renovation work and reopened in 2003.



Seattle Kingdome

This was one of the strangest looking classic stadiums in the US. And quite ugly, if we’re honest.

It used to host games for both the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks, since its opening in 1976. As with other stadiums who have tried to house to teams at once, it was decided that they needed their own fields.



It was decided that the Seattle Kingdome should be closed down and demolished, back in 2000.


Busch Stadium

“But Busch Stadium is still there?!” we hear you cry. Technically, there is still a Busch Stadium, but not the classic one.

The original stadium was opened in 1966 and played host to the St. Louis Cardinals for nearly 40 years. The stadium had fallen into disrepair, however, and was knocked down in 2005.


A new Busch Stadium was built shortly after, with some of the new grounds overlapping the old. At least the history is still there.


Highbury Stadium

Back to the UK for this one, and one of the most interesting stories of them all.

Highbury used to be the home of Arsenal FC from 1913, formally named Arsenal Stadium.

It wasn’t just used for Arsenal, however. International matches were held here, including some for the 1948 Olympics.


The stadium closed its doors in 2006, but it wasn’t demolished. Instead of knocking it down they redeveloped the entire stadium as flats. Using the pitch as a park!


Tiger Stadium

This used to be one of the oldest ballparks in the whole of America, having opened up in 1912. As you can probably tell by the name, this was the former home of the Tigers, but it also played host to the Detroit Lions and Detroit Panthers. The stadium lasted for nearly 100 years, but unfortunately was too rundown to make it to the century. The last game was played here in 1999, but it took another 10 years before the stadium was knocked down completely.



Veterans Stadium

This classic stadium played host to two baseball teams; Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies. Veterans Stadium was first officially opened in 1971 and would host the home games for both of these teams. As you can imagine, this became tough when the two teams had games on the same day. Although they gave it their best shot, it was soon realized that both Philly teams needed their own space. It was demolished in 2004.



Giants Stadium

Although it may have been named the Giants Stadium, this classic playing ground was also home to the New York Jets as well. This stadium was opened in 1976 and was the venue for many exciting games that many football fans will remember. The Giants Stadium was also pretty popular for music concerts, so most people in the area will definitely have visited it. The stadium was knocked down in 2010, to make way for the new MetLife Stadium.