14 Things Americans Do Better Than Anyone Else

There’s no denying that Americans are proud of their country, which is why they strive to do a lot of things bigger and better than anyone else. Whether it be eating a Brit under the table or having the coolest leaders in history, there are plenty of things Americans do better than the rest of the world. Here are just 14 of those things!


Of course Americans do eating a lot better than anywhere in the world; we’re not just talking about quantity either. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a diverse range of different culinary treats on offer, that’s a fact. It’s the home of the hamburger and the BBQ ribs, to name just a few of the different options the world eats on a regular basis.



You can head to New York for one of the best pizzas of your life or make your way down to Texas for a grill like no other. Not to mention the love of bacon that makes the US so famous. Okay, you can make jokes about how much they eat all you like, but Americans really do know how to dine well.


It seems like the United States is the home of suing. From suing McDonald’s for making a coffee that’s too hot, to suing people just for the sake of it. Americans really know how to make a fortune out of the pitfalls or mistakes of others.

a lawyer in his office showing a document with the text lawsuit written in it


There have been some rather incredible court cases throughout American history, including the woman who sued McDonald’s because her coffee was too hot; she had it in between her legs when she was driving and managed to burn herself when the hot beverage split. Some people have even managed to sue Subway because their foot long sandwiches won’t actually a whole foot long… It’s those Americans and their love of food again! Honestly, if you ever want to sue anyone then make sure you get yourself an American lawyer.

Road Trips

Nobody on the planet does road trips like the Americans do. Although Germany may claim the first road trip, but it was on American soil where cars really got to stretch their legs. Famous writers, including Hunter S Thompson, have even written travel books based on hiring a car and driving through America. As the country is so large it can take days to drive between states, which what makes the American road trip so exciting.

RV Trailer Journey


Of course you have the most famous of journeys, such as Route 66, and other lesser explored adventures awaiting you in the US. You’ll also find a ton of roadside things to see and do, including the giant ball of paint in Indiana. Hire yourself an American muscle car, fill your boot with food and drink, then set off down the most famous roads in the world.

National Parks

If you thought America was all about the food, drink and roads then you’re sorely mistaken. The United States has some of the most incredible National Parks in the entire world. And there’s a lot of them! There’s the most famous, Yellowstone, which became the world’s first National Park back in the 1800s. This is definitely one place you have to see before you die! There are now over 400 National Parks in America, spanning over 84 million acres.



The nature and scenery in the United States is something that truly must be seen to be believed. One minute you can be enjoying a mountaintop, the next a private coastal area. When it comes to National Park the Americans do everything right, far better than any other country in the world.  Add at least 10 of them to your bucket list and take in all the sights America has to offer.


Most countries will have just one national sport of which they’re proud, but the US has three! Well, four if you count hockey although that is technically the national sport of Canada. Baseball, American Football and Basketball are some of the most popular sports in the world now, thanks to the US. Plus, they always know how to put on a good show. How many people tune in to watch the Super Bowl compared to the French Premier League Soccer? A lot, that’s how many.



If you add their national sports to others such as NASCAR racing and a whole ton of extreme sports then there is no denying that Americans do it better. Plus, soccer is catching on over there too, which means even more stadiums and sports games to get your teeth into. Sport is like a religion over in the US.

Celebrity Culture

Why do you think most celebrities chose to live in LA, California and New York? It’s because the celebrity culture in America far exceeds that of any other country. It seems as though America is the home of the celebrity and this has been the case for quite some time; Marilyn Monroe anyone? Yeah you get a few celebs with holiday homes in Europe, but even the British celebrities find themselves living in America.



It’s the kind of place where you can pop into a plastic surgeon for a quick bit of cosmetic surgery after having lunch with your girls in an exclusive restaurant. You simply don’t get that celebrity culture anywhere else in the world. Plus, with all of the entertainment columns and celebrity magazines, it is the one place to be spotted.


The United States of America is the home of more billionaires than anywhere else on the planet; although there are some places around the world that are a close second. Even those who make their money in richer part of the world, such as Dubai, will find themselves purchasing a forever mansion in America. Why? Because Americans know how to spend money properly. Just like with celebrities, the billionaires of the world know that they can get anything they want in the US. They don’t call it the American Dream for nothing.



Plus, with so much land ripe for building on, most billionaires can create their perfect home in a US state. Let’s be honest, if you were a billionaire where would you want to live? We’re willing to bet New York City is high up on that list!

Epic TV Shows

Where do we start with this one?! Whilst the UK are producing things like Downton Abbey, the US has a wealth of fast-paced thrilling dramas to claim. From Breaking Bad to Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Prison Break, and even Game of Thrones; yes, we have just gone through our Netflix watch list.



The fact is, other countries can try as hard as they like, but they will never create the greats that America has to offer. Maybe it is because most of the billionaire TV producers and famous celebrities live in America, or maybe it’s just because they’re far more creative than the rest of the world. Whatever it is you’ll find that all of the greatest TV shows come from the US. This isn’t an exaggeration either, even comedy series such as Friends far surpass offerings from across the pond.


Along the same lines as epic TV shows from America, the same applies for movies. Whilst countries such as the UK try to create indie cult classics, America goes for the big blockbusters; and most of the time, they get it right. Americans don’t just focus on box office smashes, however, as even their cult classics are better than most countries. Pulp Fiction, anyone? Again, maybe it has something to do with all the film producers and celebs living in America… Whatever the reason, we’re willing to bet that most of the biggest movies in the world were created by Americans.



Even the French producer who created Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont, grew up in Los Angeles. The only notable director from across the pond is Christopher Nolan, who was born in London, England. There must be something in the water in Hollywood! Whatever it is, we want some of it.


Whatever the time of year you can bet that Americans are preparing for some incredible holiday or another. From Thanksgiving to Halloween, from Independence Day to Christmas; for some reason, people in the US manage to have much better holidays than others around the world. Everything in America seems to be bigger and better, even their shopping days (Black Friday, anyone?).



The fact is, Americans get far more excited about their public holidays than people from around the world. Whilst people in Britain see their public holidays as time off work, Americans see their public holidays as the ultimate opportunity to get dressed up, eat great food, and party. Spring Break is the perfect example of a holiday done right, compared to other countries’ meager offerings.


Before you start preaching about the great British rock bands, consider Nashville in America; the home of great music. In fact, a lot of the best music in the world has come from some kind of American roots. Whenever a popstar makes it big in their own country the next place they want to conquer is always the United States of America. If you can make it big in America then you’re truly a superstar.


Americans always seem to do music better and any music chart around the world goes to prove that. The simple fact is that America had Elvis, Michael Jackson, and all of the other greats that this world wouldn’t be the same without. Of course, there are also other great musicians from around the world, but most of them got their ideas from Americans anyway.

Crazy Laws

We’ve already mentioned that Americans are great at suing companies and other people, but they’re also great in other areas of their legal system. Some states in America still have some of the craziest laws on the planet. For example, it is against the law to look at a moose from an airplane, it is illegal for children to go trick or treating on Halloween in Virginia, and it is illegal to sell your own eye in Texas. No wonder the Americans can get away with suing one another, when they’re laws are some of the most insane on the planet. They also have one of the best legal systems in the world, however, so you can’t really sniff at that. If you want to commit crazy crimes then don’t do it in America, end of.


We’ve already touched upon how Americans are the best when it comes to food (and eating), but there is one meal of the day they really excel at; breakfast. Forget a Full English, Americans know how to ensure you’re fully stuffed to the brim before you’ve even left the house.


Most of the breakfasts in America are something most people wouldn’t even consider eating for dinner or dessert. We’re talking stacks of pancakes, tons of bacon, loads of syrup and not forgetting all of the doughnuts. You may think that an American breakfast will make your stomach turn, but we think that they truly get this important meal of the day right in the United States. If you aren’t from the US then make sure you visit at least once, to experience the most mind-blowing breakfast in the world.


Americans seem to know how to do politics right, when you consider some of their great leaders (past and present). Okay, so try to forget people like George W. Bush and focus instead on the true greats. Barack Obama has been making history by using a selfie stick in his latest healthcare campaign, whereas past leaders have made history with their policies. Abraham Lincoln is a fine example of how to do leadership right! Not forgetting all of the other heroes who have shown the rest of the world how to run a country. If there is one thing that makes Americans proud it is the person they elect to look after them. With elections not far around the corner let’s hope there’s another Obama and not another George W. Bush on the way…