16 Things The Germans Do Better Than Anyone

People of Germany rejoice, because you guys seem to have this whole life thing locked down. Here are 16 things Germans do better than anyone on the planet.


However many of you will try to disagree, there’s no denying that the Germans are experts when it comes to football (soccer).

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The Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in the world and their national team is on of the best in the world.


There’s a reason that Germany plays host to the biggest beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest. There are over 5,000 brands of beer in this country and they have the oldest brewery in the world, established in 725 AD.



If you ever encounter in a bar the names “Paulaner” “Becks” or “Weihenstephaner”, you are in for a treat!


Did you know that you can earn your degree for free in Germany? And, you don’t need to be a German to take advantage of this. It’s one of the only countries in the world to offer an incredible education for absolutely nothing.



There’s something pretty special about the German language. It’s the third most taught in the world (after Spanish and French, of course) and it’s thought to be quite an academic language. Learning German has a whole range of benefits.



There are an estimated 1,200 different types of bread in Germany and all of them are worth a try. Each part of the country has its own favourite style and type of baking, that makes it a cuisine journey worth taking.


Making Cars

Okay, we all knew this one was going to be on here. Just look at their history of vehicle engineering. They practically created the modern vehicle in the 20th century and are now the 3rd biggest producer of cars.


Just few names you might recognise, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Audi and Volkswagen… Automobile empire!


Making cars and driving seem to go hand in hand for the Germans. They have some of the best roads in the world, and they’re some of the safest drivers on the planet.

Obtaining a license in Germany is hard work, but worth it.


This country knows how to do a capital city! Berlin is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, that’s also packed full of history.


It’s also thought to be pretty cheap compared to other European city destinations. When can we go?


We all know that Germany is packed full of historic buildings, and their castles rarely disappoint. There are over 25,000 palaces and castles in this country, so you’ll never run out of places to look at.


First Day of School

We want to go to school in Germany, just for Schultute. This old tradition means that kids get a cone filled with candy and toys on the first day of each new school grade.


It’s all about celebrating the “seriousness of life”.

Organisation and Punctuation

There’s a bit of a running joke when it comes to Germans, that mocks how organised they all are. However, we think that this is something to look up to (not mock). Everyone is on time, which makes life run smoother.



You’d think that with all that beer they drink the Germans wouldn’t exactly be a picture of health. However, the German healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Their “sickness fund” is available for everyone in the country.



Did you know that if you want to grab a cab in Germany then you’re likely to travel in style? Because Mercedes is such a popular car choice with taxi drivers, you’re almost always likely to be driven around in one of them!



Just look at the Valero train if you don’t believe these guys have the best system in the world. It’s one of the fastest on the planet, and they’re working on something bigger and better for this year.


Formula 1 Engineers

While they’re drivers may not be on the top of the leaderboards currently, their engineers certainly are. Just look at Mercedes-Benz, who scored a total of 701 points last year to win the constructors championship.



Cars, trains, planes, the Germans are good at this whole travelling thing. Their biggest airline, Lufthansa, is constantly winning the title for “Europe’s Leading Airline”, so they must be doing something right.



Bonus: Nation Brand

As a country, Germany is now the biggest ‘Nation Brand’ in the world. Their 2014 World Cup efforts, a strong economy, and an “honest and competent government” all helped them win the title of best ‘Nation Brand’.