17 US Colleges That Are Impossible To Get Into

Got your heart set on a particular college once you’ve graduated from high school? You may want to check out their acceptance rates first. Some colleges in the US are a lot harder to get into than others. We’ve put together a list of the 17 US colleges that are impossible to get into – which means they have some of the lowest acceptance rates! If you want to get into one of these you best start working seriously hard.

Harvard University

One of the most renowned colleges in the whole of the world, it’s no wonder Harvard is practically impossible to get into. Currently their acceptance rate is just 5.8% of all the people that apply, which means you don’t have the best chance of getting a place. The SAT scores of those who do get accepted are extremely high, with the 25th percentile hitting 2120 and the 75th percentile aiming for 2390. If you want to get into Harvard then you’re going to need some pretty impressive test scores and a lot of good luck. However, if you do manage to secure a place then you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re attending one of the greatest colleges in the whole of the world. The hard work will be worth it!