25 Best Liberal Arts Colleges In America

America is filled with liberal-arts colleges, which have received a bad rep in the past. Many people think you need to attend a science or math college, in order to get a highly successful job. However, there are many rich and famous who have taken a liberal arts course. Here are some of the best liberal-arts colleges in America, based on SAT scores and salaries.

Stanford University

Although this college has become a world leader in subjects such as math and computer science, it also has one of the best liberal-arts departments around. It’s a tough school to get into, but one well worth working towards. Their unique “no loans” program ensures that those who come from low-income families aren’t left behind. All tuition fees are waived for those whose families make less than six figures. The average SAT figures range between 2040 and 2330, so you know you’re going to get an incredible education at Stanford University.