The 4 coolest pens you can buy today

Every writer requires the right tool to be able to get the message across. Our prehistoric ancestors used rudimentary chisels to chip images into caves in their bid to pass a crucial message. These days, however, we’ve got many devices at our disposal and putting words or pictures on paper is a cakewalk. The contemporary world presents countless possibilities for everyone who’d like to put words or images on paper. We’ve got laptops, phones and tablets readily available. But if you think tablets and laptops aren’t appropriate for your case, you might want to try the coolest pens you can buy today.

1. The Cross Classic Century Ballpoint

Cross has been a household name in the writing spectrum for nearly two decades. This ballpoint pen doesn’t disappoint. It has become one of the manufacturer’s most popular offerings for close to 20 years. The ink of this pen flows reliably and smoothly. It also has attractive chrome touches, conical tip, and patented Cross ball mechanism. Most importantly, the Classic Century features a lifetime refill warranty – so you cannot toss it out even when it goes dry.

2. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Pen

Most gel pens often run dry after a few uses, but this one is an exception. The Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Pen has gone through an independent third-party ISO testing and has emerged a better option than the other equivalents. This pen is refillable when it runs dry – and the refill is available separately. You probably know how gel pens tend to smear, but the Pilot’s G2 is known to dodge this inconvenience. It does write smoothly without smudging along the way. It has a contoured grip for easy handling, and you have what it takes to choose your preferable ink color and point size.

3. Yacig Light-Up Pen

Light-up pens from Yacig prove helpful if you frequently work in dark surroundings. It is useful for everyone who works in a less-than-ideal writing condition, such as first responders and trade professionals. These pens come with an LED light in the tip, which helps you see whatever you are writing – whether or not you are in the dark. The barrel of these pens is made from a heavy-duty metal to ensure durability and extended life. You can press on the switch located on the top of the pen to adjust the light on high or low or to turn it off. These pens derive their juice from an AAA battery, which is replaceable when it becomes obsolete.

4. PicoPen Mini-Ballpoint Convenient Pen With Keychain Holder

You don’t need to scramble for a writing tool when you have this PicoPen Mini-Ballpoint at your disposal. This pen features magnetized cap that you can use to keep it attached to your keychain. You can as well use this cap to hold it to your belt buckle or briefcase. The pen is lightweight and small at less than three inches. Thus it is never unwieldy irrespective of where you attach it. Writing with this type of pen is comfortable, and it is well-suited to Fisher refills. What’s more, the pen is available in two versions, which include a durable titanium and robust stainless steel.