5 Easy Exercises to Do When on Your Computer

If you’re a student doing essays on your laptop or if you work in an office-based job, the chances are you spend most of your time in front of a computer screen. You probably eat sat in front of it, watch movies on it, work on it…and therefore, probably don’t get a lot of exercises done as a result of this. This can lead to bad health, so it’s important to try and get some exercise in, to keep your heart pumping, the blood moving through your body. Here are 5 easy exercises to do when you’re on your computer.

Wrist stretch

Your wrists will get a lot of use from all the typing and clicking you do while using a computer. It’s important to keep them loose and limber to avoid joint stiffness and RSI (repetitive strain injury). It’s very easy to do; stand in front of your desk and place your wrists on the desk, facing away from you. Then, very gradually, apply some pressure until it starts to feel uncomfortable. Hold for a few seconds and then stop. Repeat this a few times and then finish off the stretch by making a few wrist circles to really loosen the joints up.

Seated crunches

While sitting down on your computer seat, sit back against the back of the chair, feet placed flat on the floor, back straight. Then raise your legs up to as far as you’re able and extend them straight out in front of you. Bring them back in then drop them back to the floor and repeat for about 15 reps. Your legs don’t get much use while sitting in front of a computer so it’s very important to get as much circulation as you can.

Neck and shoulders

Your neck and shoulders can carry a lot of tension as it is, let alone when you’re hunched up over a computer screen all day long! To avoid getting awkward and uncomfortable knots and tension, you can try this really straightforward exercise: stand up straight and reach your arms out behind you. Interlock your fingers and really feel the stretch running down your arms. Repeat several times and then do the same but extending your arms forwards instead.

Chair squats

Squatting in itself is a straightforward exercise, but it can be even simpler with the assistance of your trusty office chair! Stand around 6 inches in front of the chair and then slowly squat down, keeping your back straight and bending properly at the knees until your bottom reaches the chair. Slowly stand back up and then repeat for a few reps.

Shoulder blade squeeze

Again, the shoulders carry a lot of weight and tension. This is one of the most simple exercises you can do on your computer; you don’t even need to leave your desk! Sit up straight and imagine you have a pen or pencil between your shoulder blades. Pinch your shoulders together as though you’re trying to keep the pen or pencil there and hold for a few seconds before releasing and repeating.

These easy exercises are the perfect way to keep your body in tip top condition when spending a lot of time at your computer. Give a few of them a go in between long study or work sessions, and see what a difference they can make.