5 radio shows that you need to hear

These days it seems that radio is something of a dying medium. People spend so much time in front of Netflix, on social media, or on their phones, and not enough people take the time to enjoy good, old-fashioned radio anymore. This is a pity because there are loads of great radio stations out there and not just the musical ones. Throughout the US we have a ton of creative individuals working on producing the best radio they possibly can.

You have so much choice if you want to listen to some great radio shows, so it’s about time you welcomed radio back into your life. We have been scouring the airwaves, and we’ve come up with some of the best radio shows currently out there. So, here are the five of the best!


Celsius Drop

Celsius Drop is a radio show on the LA-based ‘dublab’ station, and it’s a total delight. Engaging, funny, and interesting, Frosty is an excellent host, and the program is one of the best choices for listening in the 10:00-12:00 slot. There is a wonderfully eclectic selection of music to enjoy, as well as plenty of interesting guests, and some topical themes. Celsius Drop is a quirky, original, and very enjoyable show, giving listeners the perfect introduction to ‘dublab.’ It truly reminds you how great radio can be.

Tight Songs

Don’t think it’s just LA that has an excellent selection of great radio programs to choose from. Tight Songs is one of the signature slots on XRay FM, the acclaimed radio station in Portland, Oregon. Portland DJ Kenny Fresh has a wonderful ear for great music and fresh talent, and he provides opportunities for new artists through his own label. This two-hour show on a Sunday night looks at some of the best modern tracks out there, as well as some of the classics too – with a special emphasis on soul, r&b, and hip-hop.


This is a show on Newtown Radio, one of New York’s leading radio stations. The program is helmed by DJ Speculator, aka William Burnett, aka Willie Burns. The DJing legend is a veteran of mainstream radio, and it’s his steady hand that makes WTBS so listenable. The keyword here is eclectic – there is such great diversity to the music, and it will appeal to fans of almost any genre. Burns is a great presence and can actually mix really well, which is an unexpected bonus.

Morning Edition

There’s a reason Morning Edition has over 14 million listeners across the country, and that’s mainly to do with the charming hosts, Rachel Martin, Steve Inskeep, and David Greene. The trio bounce off each other well and have a wonderful chemistry. This really helps make the diversity of topics engaging and interesting, and there are in-depth reports, and specific segments to hold your interest. It’s the perfect show to start your day off with.

The Thom Hartmann Program

If you like to listen to interesting, topical, and progressive chat on the radio, it generally doesn’t get much better than The Thom Hartmann Program. The show, run and hosted by Hartmann himself, on the Westwood network, focuses on an array of topical subjects, and offers a fresh approach and way of looking at them. The show directly contrasts with other morning shows, like The Rush Limbaugh Show, and is a good way of balancing out your input.

These are just five of the best radio shows currently on the air across the United States. There are, of course, plenty of other shows too, some of them national, others local. But, we definitely think these five are an excellent place to start, and can really open your mind to some of the best creative talents on the air.