5 Reasons for Liberals to Hold Onto Some Hope

It’s a bleak month to be anywhere Left of Mussolini. It’s important in the coming days, weeks, and years to remember that it’s not over, and hope is not lost. Someone who knows a whole lot about hope is outgoing President Barack Obama, who said something along the lines of “it isn’t the end of the world until the end of the world is actually here.” More or less, we believe the President is telling us that it’s certainly not game over for Liberalism in America. Quite the opposite, actually. Again, Barack Obama called up many volunteers who worked with the Clinton campaign to tell them that they have a week to mope and then immediately have to get back out there and light a fire under the Democratic grassroots to start mobilizing again.


Looking to the future is how Liberals in America can begin the fight back against Trump, the alt-right, and the Republicans. We understand that right now Liberals are probably hurting, so to help raise those spirits, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to keep the hope for a better tomorrow. Even if the immediate path may look unclear, scary, and even dangerous, nothing was ever accomplished by inactivity. Let’s get started.

The Popular Vote

The majority of Americans did not want Donald Trump to be President. That is the emerging fact as the final votes are finally tallied, and it appears Hillary Clinton could win it by over one million votes. It could even double before all is said and done. That shows two things:

One; that this election was not a mass rejection of the values of Liberalism, the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton herself. No matter how much Trump, his supporters, and the Republicans want to hail this as a great victory, this election was a squeaker, and he effectively won only by the technicality of the Electoral College system. The loss for the Democrats was so narrow that you have to believe with some tweaking to their approach and an appropriate candidate, that they will be gunning for the White House again in four years time.

Two; that this election DID reject the values of Donald Trump and the alt-right. Part of keeping the hope alive after this election is all about not losing faith in people. It may be shocking that people would agree with Trump’s dictatorial rhetoric, but you need to take into account people may have been desperate for change, and it didn’t matter who exactly it came from or what particular form it would take. Is this an ignorant political position? Yes, but holding a grudge about it will only push these people further into the arms of the alt-right. It’ll be up to Liberals in America to show them a better way of life that doesn’t involve mass discrimination and prejudice.

Turning The Tables

For almost all of Barack Obama’s Presidency, the Republicans have gummed up the process of Government and almost throttled any attempts at getting things working again. This lead to Barack Obama mostly having to legislate through Executive Orders, which unfortunately Donald Trump has the authority of overturning once in office. Given that Trump seems to hold a grudge against Obama for making a joke about him at the White House Correspondents dinner, he will be aiming to undo Obama’s legacy by reversing Executive Orders completely.

Now, this may seem bleak so far. I’ve essentially described how a pragmatist President was taken advantage of, and how his successor aims to destroy everything Obama did without any thought about if they were beneficial to the American people or not. Here’s the thing, though. Democrats can turn things on their head and do exactly the same to the Republicans.

If a Trump Presidency can be gummed up early on, then the rest just takes care of itself. Trump already looks set to be unpopular, with the lowest approval rating of any incoming President, and is teetering on being mired in controversy before he even sets foot in the White House. Given that even after being elected President he can’t stop himself from his inane, bitter Tweeting habit, Trump looks set to implode regardless of the amount of Republican handlers trying to rein him in.

This disruptive action can be strengthened if in 2018 the Democrats are organized enough to take a hard shot at the elections for the Senate and House of Representatives. While the Republicans currently hold them both, their power may start to slip once the impact of a Trump Presidency sets in. When it looks like they’re asleep at the wheel, mobilized Democrats might be able to win one, or both.

Trump Team Implosion

It is a matter of time before in-fighting absolutely shreds a Trump Presidency to pieces. The Republicans are clearly not comfortable with the alt-right people Trump has brought with him from his campaign, and it seems like a battle for the political compass is about to begin. To quote actor Ken Watanabe from 2014’s Godzilla, “Let them fight.”

Liberals have to do absolutely nothing for the Republican establishment to go to war with Trump and his team. There are still many hurt feelings over how he shredded their establishment during the Republican Primaries, and everybody knows that you can’t keep a lid on Trump’s big mouth for long. Some policies and positions are going to cause major clashes within the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Trump is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, and the Republicans know this. They may try to contain the blast, but Trump is the monster their Tea Party pandering has lead to. A demagogue with no filter.

Promises He Can’t Keep

None of the major headline ideas Trump proposed during his candidacy can ever come to pass. Sensible and rational thought will not allow them ever to come to pass. The border wall and making Mexico pay for it was always a pipe dream. It sounded good to his base in Trump’s stump speeches, but everybody knew that it was an impossibility.

Not only would it be a very costly operation when Trump ran on a platform of cutting costs, but there’s no evidence it would do anything for preventing illegal immigration into the United States. Likewise, the shipment of drugs from South America would not be stemmed in any capacity because most of them come in by plane anyway. Unless Trump wants to change the wall to a dome, there’s no way he can do anything about that.

The Muslim register was recently brought up again on a news segment by a Trump surrogate who likened the idea to the Japanese internment camps during World War Two. These internment camps are regarded as one of the worst civil rights violations in the modern United States and are widely seen as a shameful act that shall not be repeated. When push comes to shove, this idea will not fly with the majority of the public, and will likely see fierce opposition from politicians on all sides too.

Finally, the protectionist trade policy that won Trump votes in the Rust Belt won’t come to pass. The price hikes on everyday products are not something the average American would stand for, and you can expect an enormous backlash if that is ever implemented. In many ways, Trump’s biggest policies are poison pills that absolutely would not work. Walking back on so many of these large idea policies are going to ruin his credibility even with his core base. While it certainly may not sway them to the Democrats instead, it may finally wake them up to the fact some of the things they want are impossible, and in many cases based entirely on idiocy and prejudice.

He’ll Hate It

This is a petty one, but we’ll take what we can get. Trump has frustrated, shocked, and scared Liberals over this election season. He’s a very privileged person trying to portray himself as a man of the people and ran on a platform of oppressing others. Donald Trump is not a good person, but Donald Trump is also someone who loves his home comforts.


Through the campaign, he would continually return home to his Trump Tower apartment in New York and has asked Government officials how much time he’d actually have to spend at the White House. Likewise, after his meeting with Barack Obama, Trump was allegedly shocked by the amount of work the President actually has to do. For a man who made a living out of selling his name and personality rather than by doing any actual serious work, he’s in for a very rude awakening.

Again, his privacy and capacity for individual movement will be restricted because of the constant security detail that’ll be following him around. It’ll be like that for the rest of his life even if he loses in 2020. Donald Trump’s comfortable life is about to be shaken up and tipped upside down, and he’s going to hate every second of it.

Although it’s only a theory, there’s mounting evidence that Donald Trump did not want to win the Presidency, and only ran to further his personal brand. Well, Donald, you played yourself. You’re going to get more than you bargained for and then some, and we hope every second of it is a waking nightmare for you. Removed from his creature comforts, deprived of his independence, overloaded with work he doesn’t understand, and having his privacy decimated for the rest of his life, Donald Trump will eventually crumble.

So there we have it. Five reasons for Liberals to keep the hope alive over the next four years. That last one is a little bit cruel, but it’s nothing compared to the cruelty and prejudice some of his followers have unleashed on marginalized people in the United States. Remember Liberals, take Barack Obama’s advice; mobilize, organize, and fight back.