7 Rich Entrepreneurs Who Live A Surprisingly Humble Life

When entrepreneurs make it big they tend to splash out on fancy cars, houses and even private jets. However, not all successful and rich billionaires forget their roots or where they come from. In fact, some are surprisingly humble. There are those who live a fairly normal life and those who donate a lot of their money to charity. Okay, there aren’t many out there but there’s some! These are the 7 rich entrepreneurs who live a surprisingly humble life.


Ingvar Kamprad

This Swedish entrepreneur first made his riches selling matches and ballpoint pens to people in his local town. After being given a little bit of money from his parents when finishing school he then invested it to create one of the biggest companies of our generation; IKEA. According to some reports this humble man doesn’t splash the cash and even decks his house out in IKEA furniture. He apparently drives a Volvo that’s over 15 years old and is regularly seen flying economy class when he needs to make business trips. No private jet for Ingvar Kamprad! There are some Swedish people who are willing to testify that Ingvar isn’t as humble or as frugal as he makes everyone believe, however. Who knows the truth?


Tony Hsieh

This American billionaire sold his first internet business to Microsoft for $265 million, back in 1999. Instead of retiring early and living the life of luxury, he decided to invest that money into another internet business; Zappos. According to one of the early investors in the company, Tony isn’t one to throw his money around or use it as a source of happiness. Apparently his lifestyle hasn’t changed much since becoming a billionaire and he would always reinvest what he has to ensure his business ventures work. Tony Hsieh has also written a book called Delivering Happiness, which is all about how he focuses more on the happiness of his consumers then making money. Seems like this guy has eaten a lot of humble pie in his time.

Mark Zuckerberg

You may be surprised to see the owner of Facebook on the list, but according to many of his friends and family, Mark is as humble as it gets. He is one of the richest men on the planet since setting up Facebook, yet he still drives an Acura according to reports; simply because it is safe and reliable. He is also known for wearing exactly the same outfit to work every single day – consisting of a gray hoodie and t-shirt. Although he may have recently invested in a $7 million house, he could easily afford something far more luxurious. Mark Zuckerberg got married in his back garden and took his new wife to Italy, where they were pictured enjoying a romantic meal for two… At McDonalds…


Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple may not be one of the richest entrepreneurs on our list, but he still makes an absolute fortune that’s well into the millions. Despite having more money than most people on the planet, he doesn’t seem that phased by being rich. Tim Cook still lives in a $1.9 million pad that he bought back in 2010 and doesn’t have any desire to move out of it. In fact, he once told reporters that he likes living a humble life and even wrote about it in his book, Inside Apple. He said that he likes to be reminded where he came from, which is why he lives in modest surroundings. He also said that money isn’t a motivator for him. What a shame, seeing as he has so much of it.

Tim Cook

Karl Albrecht

The co-founder of Aldi is worth a reported $25.4 billion, but it seems as though he’s really not too fussed about flashing the cash. Both Karl and his now deceased brother Theo, who also set up the Aldi chain of supermarkets, have been known to be a little bit more than humble. When Karl was kidnapped and held for ransom in 1971 his brother paid the ransom to see his safe return; a whopping $4 million. Theo then wrote the entire sum off as a business expense. Karl Albrecht had a very humble upbringing and has chosen to stay true to his roots, rather than become a flashy billionaire. It seems as though the Albrecht family taught their kids well!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 7.06.01 PM

Alexander Lebedev

There are plenty of Russian billionaires on this planet, many of whom just want to make more and more money. Alexander Lebdev may have a net worth of over $1 billion, but to him it’s not all about the money. This rich entrepreneur has a long history of supporting charities and even created his own organization called the Charitable Reserve Fund. It’s been noted how different Alexander is from other Russian businessmen who are more interested in yachts and property, then they are starving children or culture projects. He may have had his fair share of bad press (especially when he punched someone on live TV), but there’s no denying he’s a good man deep down.


Jim Walton

The Walton family, founders of the Wal-Mart chain, are one of the richest families in the world. However, many of the surviving members are some of the most charitable and humble in the world, too. Although his father may now be deceased, Jim has ensured he keeps on the family tradition by being frugal and clever with his money. He drives an old car and works from the old family home. Christy Walton, the widow of John Walton, is also another humble entrepreneur who gives a huge portion of her wealth to charity. There’s no stopping the Walton family and their humble generosity!

Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting 2011