10 Frightening Things Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You

Maybe it’s because they see so many patients in their lifetime, that over the years dentists seem to forget to tell you actual horrifying effects of taking poor care of your teeth. You won’t believe some of the scary consequences you can face without proper brushing and flossing habits. Check out these terrifying facts you wish your dentist had told you about sooner!


Protect Your Toothbrush

For obvious reasons, most dentists will recommend that you throw out your toothbrush every 3 months and replace it with a brand new one. This is due to the possibility of the build up of harmful bacteria that is left in your brush and accumulated over time. But what dentists don’t tell you is that you should keep your brush a safe distance away from your dog’s favorite place to quench his thirst; also known as your toilet. As much as we’d like to think otherwise, these toilet bowls are not designed to keep in all of the bacteria that are inside, and all it takes is a simple flush for the bacteria-filled water to spray out. If you place your toothbrush near enough… well let’s just say your dog wouldn’t be the only one getting a taste of that toilet water.

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You Don’t Mess With The Dentist

Besides the fact that your dentist is the person that will be investigating the inside happenings of your mouth, don’t forget he also has weapons. Some of the tools used in a dental office are as intimidating as they actually look. The most feared tool would probably be the dental drill, accompanied by its horrifying high-pitched screeching sound but who’s to blame. What the dentist doesn’t tell you is that the dental drill can spin more than 15 times faster than any racecar that ever existed.

With a sharp edge spinning that fast towards your mouth, there’s no escaping that feeling of fear. If the tool is used on your tooth long enough, it can drill through it with great ease. And that water that keeps spraying out of it? That’s to avoid burning your entire mouth with heating friction. There have also been cases of the top drill piece not being secured enough and eventually getting swallowed and caught in someone’s lung. Still thinking about pissing off your dentist?

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Be Alert to Red flags

Speaking of not ignoring any symptoms that could be huge warning signs for a serious visit to the dentist, the most obvious of them are bleeding gums while brushing your teeth. It’s a funny perception when you realize that if you were to bleed that much from any other part of your body, you’d probably be worried like no other. But when the blood comes from your mouth, you think an extra swish of sink water should take care of the problem right away. You couldn’t be more wrong; bleeding gums are a serious sign of developing gum disease and you should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you’re done rinsing out your mouth.

Do you know what happens when you don’t treat your gum disease right away? The bacteria in your mouth multiply to point where it can literally start eating away at your gums and teeth. Once you’ve receded your gums there is no going back! Avoid a premature toothless smile because the problem is not a matter that should be taken to lightly.




Pay More, Get Less

The dentistry world is a land where business ethics get blurred and questionable decisions occur every day. Like any other business, the dentist also seeks to increase his profits and reduce his cost. But when it comes at the expense of the patient’s health, that’s when it’s gone too far. What dentists fail to mention is that they get the cheapest supplies possible and charge you a ridiculous amount of money for the materials.

A very common way that dentists acquire bulk materials for penny prices are buying them oversees from places like China and Taiwan. Why is this frightening? Not only are you letting your dentist put low-grade stuff in your mouth, but also the working conditions in the manufacturing places overseas are something you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. When it comes to foreign objects being placed in your mouth, we’re pretty sure that the quality of the material plays an important role on the physical impact it will have on you as the patient.




Mercury Is Not Just A Planet

Contrary to avid supporters of banning metal fillings entirely, the U.S. still uses it as a popular method to cover cavities, root canals, and more. The scary truth behind these fillings is that they contain mercury in them that can be leaked over time due to excessive chewing and grinding of teeth. It almost seems a little obscene to think that it is okay on any level to put one of the most dangerous substances in the world into someone’s mouth, but the damages of being exposed to this toxin are imperishable.

While more and more patients are beginning to experience the consequences of silver fillings over time, studies have found some terrifying facts on the effects it has on the body. Among the results, it was found that exposure to the mercury from dental fillings can cause central nervous system disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy. A quick trigger to leakage is chewing gum, which stimulates excessive chewing and assists in wearing away the filling at a rapid pace. It’s a matter of time before the world wakes up and bans this method of fillings for good!




Fluoride Is Only Good In Moderation

While it may be true that fluoride provides some benefits that contribute to the good health of your teeth, the amounts of fluoride that we are exposed to today, be it in toothpaste, drinking water, or processed foods is extremely toxic and there is ongoing evidence to prove it. You see so many advertisements of toothpaste marketers trying to push their fluoride filled products, or even dentists trying to sell you the latest brand of mouthwash, when in reality, the amount of fluoride in these products can only cause harm.

Let’s break down the major frightening consequences research has recently shown can be caused by overexposure to fluoride. Want to be able to reproduce? Want to have a high IQ? Want to avoid brain damage, arthritis, and bone fractures? Then avoid fluoride! Beyond changing the way your enamel appears the consequences are actually a lot scarier. Don’t believe everything you hear on those cheesy dental commercials!




Avoid Aspirin Before A Visit

I know it seems like that daily aspirin you take for your headaches have become almost routine to the point where you don’t even realize they are a part of your everyday life, but it is something you should take into account when planning your next visit to the dentist. We’re not going to get into the negative health implications of taking an aspirin every day but we will warn you that thinning out your blood will call for a big red mess in the dentist chair.

It’s not a fun situation for anyone when excessive bleeding gets in the way of a routine dental check-up. Because aspirin thins out your blood, it can cause for a gory situation while undergoing a tooth extraction or even simply cleaning along your gum line. What’s more horrifying is that taking aspirin before a dental surgery could even cause excessive bleeding for up to 24 hours after the surgery has taken place. That’s a lot of bleeding. Make sure to avoid taking aspirin for at least five days prior to your next visit, and stop the crime scene next time you’re getting your teeth cleaned.




Too Much Sugar

We’ve all been told our whole lives that eating candy will give us cavities. The effects of sugar on your teeth actually stem so beyond a little cavity, it’s scary. You know those bacteria living in your mouth because of your lazy lack of flossing? They can’t wait for you to eat your next snickers bar and create acids from the sugary junk food. These acids can ultimately erode your teeth until you don’t have any left. And you were worried about a cavity!

It doesn’t even matter if you’re munching on leftover Halloween candy or drinking too much juice, all types of sugar will stimulate tooth erosion and damage your enamel. Along with the damage of enamel can come changes in the alignment of your teeth as well as extreme gum damage that only going under the knife can repair. Your dentist doesn’t warn you about the frightening affects sugar actually have on your health, and if you want to keep all of them we suggest you start flossing and avoid the sweets!





The Big C

There has been so frightening research that has recently found a scary revelation; poor dental care can actually increase the risk of many oral cancers. For many years, it was thought that smoking was the major cause to oral cancer, and while it still holds true today, recent discoveries have found a strong correlation between bacteria lurking in your mouth and the stimulation of the growth of cancer cells. When you have bad oral health, your chances of HPV increase dramatically.

HPV happens to be one of the largest contributors to mouth and throat cancers. The inflammation of your gums and loosening of teeth can be a major sign of early symptoms of oral cancer, and your dentists tend to leave you out of the necessary discussion. Not to mention that a huge portion of dentists misdiagnose their patients, can you imagine the consequences when dealing with something as serious as cancer?

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Pneumonia Pandemonium

When was the last time your dentist told you, “Make sure you floss and brush every night so you don’t get Pneumonia!” ? As it is, pneumonia can be a deadly disease that is caused when bacteria affects your lungs and fills your air sacs with fluid, giving you a nice phlegm-filled cough to sport around. What you don’t realize is that if you don’t properly take care of your teeth, the bacteria that gets left around in there will be breathed right back into your lungs, giving you a higher risk to cause a viral infection.

So a near-death experience could have been avoided by pulling a measly piece of string between your teeth once a day? That’s right. More and more findings have show that one of the most effective ways to fight of the disease is by making sure you have good oral care. Don’t wait for your dentist to worn you about life-threatening disease to start taking care of your oral health!

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