9 Future Aerial Fighters That Are Coming Our Way

The technology and innovations in the world of aerial fighters move at a rapid pace; even faster than the aerial fighters themselves, in some instances. By the time one country has released their brand new fighter jet, another country is working on a better version of it. It’s an exciting time, but also quite a scary one. After all, the more advanced they are, the more deadly they are too. Here are the future aerial fighters soon to be coming our way.



The sixth generation F/A-XX is being worked on as we speak, and could be one of the most dangerous aerial fighters yet! Being designed in America, it’s set to replace the fifth generation model currently in use. Experts have said that a lot needs to be done, in order to ensure that it can take on some of the other countries sixth generation models. These fighter jets are being worked on, by looking at the disadvantages in enemy planes. Once the weakness has been found, the US team can then set to create a fighter that uses this to their advantage.

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Hunting Pack Drones

We all know that drones are the ‘in-thing’ at the moment, so it doesn’t surprise as that many militaries round the world are investing time and money in them. What is interesting, however, is that some organizations are looking at creating drones that hunt in packs. DARPA is currently looking into ways they can ensure more drones are put into the sky, while having fewer people on the ground controlling them. In March 2015 a meeting was called to work out how this could be done. With several solutions put on the table, it seems as those hunting pack drones are the aerial fighters of the future.

Number Six

Although it has no official name yet, the Russians have been working hard on what is thought to be one of the most dangerous aerial fighters known to man. Their sixth generation fighter jet was announced back in 2014 and work has been underway ever since. There are plenty of rumors out there that speculate on what this new fighter jet will include. Many people believe that the Russians are hoping to create a pilotless plane that can reach record-breaking speeds. It’s also thought that the onboard systems and weaponry will be more advanced than anything we’ve seen before. In Russian hands, that sounds a little daunting.



In April this year, the US Navy Secretary announced that their latest fighter plane (the F-35) is likely to be the last of its kind. Instead, these aerial fighters are soon to be replaced with an unmanned drone, named CICADA. The aircraft can be made with a 3D printer, making it cost effective. Not only that, but they’re far safer if they have no pilots. CICADA stands for Close-In Automation Disposable Aircraft and is thought to be close to completion already. However, there will still be months of testing before the Navy begins using these in future operations.


Lockheed Martin SR-72

While this is only a concept at the moment, just the thought of this aerial fighter has got all military enthusiasts hot under the collar. The plane itself looks more like a spaceship than a fighter jet, and has some pretty modern features. Including hypersonic speeds! It would also be unmanned, like many of the other future aircrafts we’ve seen on this list. A demonstrator is being created for 2018 and this new fighter jet could be in production for 2030, as long as it is given the green light. Let’s just hope that the Russians don’t get there before the Americans.


V-280 Valor

The US Army have commissioned Bell to create the war helicopter of the future, which is exactly what they have been doing. The V-280 Valor is thought to reach speeds of 320mph when completed, with several different versions depending on need. One for medical, one as a carrier, and one as an attack helicopter. While much of the design is still a concept right now, Bell is working hard on ensuring this is one of the most deadly aerial fighters the future will ever see. Well, about as deadly as a giant helicopter can be.

2037 Bomber

This is an aerial bomber that still has quite some way to go yet, in fact there isn’t even a design concept yet. However, it is set for release is 2037 and has been carefully researched and planned by the United States Air Force. There has been a huge gap in their bomber development for quite some time, so the 2037 is thought to finally fill that need. It’s thought to be stealth and long-range, while potentially also being unmanned. We’ll be old and grey by the time this bomber is released, so let’s just hope it’s not needed before then.



Yet another bomber that is being designed by the US Air Force. This time, it has a predicted date of 2025 and so it should be around before we start going grey. The Long Range Strike Bomber is thought to be able to carry thermonuclear weapons and travel at supersonic speeds. Boeing and Lockheed Martin are now competing for the contract, which is due to be awarded later on this year. The production of these dangerous bombers will then be underway. The conceptual image looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, so we can’t wait to see what they look like finished!




The F-15D is quite spectacular in so many respects. While this type of ‘chase plane’ is usually used by the US Air Force, the F-15D Eagle has been designed for NASA. Why on earth would NASA need aerial fighters? While many people are hoping it’s to fight aliens off, the truth is actually easily explained. These aerial fighters are being used to train astronauts, while also protecting future space crafts and aircrafts for the American space agency. So, while they may not be used for fighting off extra-terrestrial beings just yet, there’s still time for that to change… Hopefully not in our lifetime, thanks!