These 9 Mind Blowing Lawsuits Are Crazy But True

People will try to sue for pretty much anything nowadays and lawsuits seem to be getting crazier and crazier. Some people have tried to sue Disney, McDonald’s, zoos, prisons and even victims of crime. The more ridiculous thing is that most of these people have actually won their cases as well! We can’t help but wonder about the justice system, if people can win lawsuits that seem completely unbelievable. We’ve put together just 9 of the most mind-blowing and crazy lawsuits (all of them true), where people have been awarded a fortune for the strangest of things. Enjoy!

Woman Sues Disney Film, Frozen, for $250 million

One woman has decided she is going to sue the huge film company, Walt Disney, for a whopping $250 million since the release of Frozen. Why? She believes that the film is stolen from her life story! Um, okay then… The author, Isabella Tanikumi believes that Walt Disney have stolen the idea for their blockbuster film from her own autobiography, Yearnings of The Heart. Her story does involve two sisters and is set in the mountains, but that’s about as far as the similarities go. In fact, it’s claimed that Disney used the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, The Snow Queen, as inspiration for Frozen; but there’s no telling Isabella that. The lawsuit against Walt Disney states that the film has caused irreparable harm to Isabella, which is why she’s after $250 million plus court costs. She also wants there to be a cease and desist of any sales or distribution of the film Frozen completely. We can’t help but think that unless Isabella’s sister has magical ice powers and knows a talking snowman, then she should probably “Let it Go”…


Inmate Tries to Sue $10 Trillion Over ‘Bad Prison Food’

We can’t imagine that being in prison is supposed to be fun or luxurious, but try telling Dale Maisano that. He’s so far filed nearly 6,000 lawsuits across Arizona and the US, against the prison he is an inmate of, in Florence. The 62 year old filed his first complaint in 1986, slowly building up steam until submitting a whopping 249 in one day alone. His main complaint, as you can probably tell, is the food. He is adamant that the food is making him ill and have even written in his lawsuits, “Stop the torture and give me food that will not make me ill”. So far he’s filed lawsuits against practically everyone in Nashville, including wardens, attorneys general, governors and the healthcare providers for the prison he stays in. So, how much does he want in return for this food making him ill? $10 trillion of course, in either cash or gold. The inmate, serving 15 years for aggravated assault, says he’s under no delusions that he’ll actually get that kind of money, he’s just trying to get his point across.


$1.5 Million Lawsuit Against McDonald’s For Only One Napkin

The fast food chain, McDonald’s, is used to having lawsuits filed against them for various strange reasons. This one, however, is a pretty new one. Webster Lucas popped into his local McDonald’s in California and ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe meal to take out. When he opened the bag he found, to his horror, that there was only one napkin in there. Obviously rather upset by this life changing incident, he went back and demanded that he was given another; even asking the manager to deal with his complaint. He then believes the argument took a racist turn when the boss, who was Mexican-America, mumbled the words “you people”, which Lucas believed was to do with him being black. He believes the offer of a free burger as an apology was an insult, and has now filed a lawsuit for a $1.5 million payout from the chain. Webster Lucas claims the entire incident has caused “undue mental anguish”, which can obviously happen when you’re not given two napkins to wipe ketchup off your face after chowing down on a burger. Right?



Man Tries to Sue for Banana Peel Incident

You know in all the kids cartoons when something hilarious is about to happen, as someone drops a banana peel. It’s one of the oldest clown tricks in the book and something that will always bring a smile to our faces; tripping over a banana peel. However, what about if this were to happen to you in real life? Well, you would try to sue whoever was responsible wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what Maurice Owens did, when he tripped on a banana peel in an elevator at the Potomac Avenue Metro Station. He filed a lawsuit against the Metro for $15,000 after injuring his hip and leg, which needed chiropractor treatments. However, unfortunately for Maurice, he didn’t realize there was a camera in the elevator… What the footage showed was the man dropping the peel on the floor himself, before deliberately tripping over it. He was even seen to check for cameras several times… It doesn’t get much stupider than that, does it? Turns out the case was dropped by the courts and then Maurice was charged with fraud. Oops!

From the French Revolution to the Paris Marathon



Man Sues Apple for “Unlimited Adult Content Addiction”

Chris Sevier, a former attorney, recently tried to sue Apple for selling devices that allow him unrestricted access to pornography material. This 50 page complaint, which was filed by Chris himself, makes a number of remarkable complaints, which include that ‘Apple is hijacking great sex’ and has also created unfair competition between porn actresses and his wife… What? Chris says that he stumbled across the pornographic material problem when accidentally typing in the rather lewd version of Facebook (hint, it’s like Facebook but for porn). He said that this mishap appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and he then became addicted, which had adverse consequences. The huge lawsuit has some rather bizarre claims against Apple, including one that says they’re damaging high street porn shops with easily accessible, online porn. This sounds like some hugely elaborate way to try and convince his wife that it was all Apple’s fault he had a porn addiction. It’s like he thought the best way to win his wife back would be to sue Apple for his addiction and make the world a better place… Crazy!


Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby

This is one of those stories that has circulated the internet a fair few times, so you’ve probably already heard most of it. However, do you know the full story? The husband, Jian Feng, was suspicious that his wife was having an affair after giving birth to a grossly ugly baby. In fact, she was so ugly he refused that it could be his child at all. The wife did manage to prove that the baby was his, through a DNA test, but Jian Feng still smelt a rat. There was no way him and his attractive wife could have produced such an ugly baby. Eventually his wife broke down and told him the truth, she had actually had $110,000 worth of plastic surgery before she married him. He then took her to court again, this time claiming she had tricked him into marrying him. Surprisingly, the court agreed and awarded Jian Feng a huge $120,000 in damages (more than her surgery). What has happened to the wife and the ugly baby now? Nobody seems to know, but we bet they’re in hiding somewhere.


Subway Sued Over Short Footlong Sub

Two men from New Jersey decided to take a lawsuit up against the sandwich giant, Subway, after they believed the company has been shortening their subs. The two men, who funnily enough weren’t that keen to be named in the press, are adamant that Subway have been ripping people off by slowly making their sandwiches smaller. They took a picture of their ‘footlong’ sandwich, in order to prove that it was about 11 inches, not 12. Stephen DeNittis, lawyer for the two NJ men, said the company should either stop advertising them as ‘footlongs’ or make them the right size. After visiting 17 sandwiches, in shops around the country, he found that all had come up short. He seems to be the expert lawyer to have on your case for this one, as he’s helped several other people file similar complaints. He believes companies should be held to what they’ve promised, even if that means arguing over the sake of an inch. They say size doesn’t matter, but these guys prove it makes all the difference when it comes to a sandwich.


Teacher Sues Over Fear of Children

A teacher from Ohio is trying to sue the Mariemont school, where she worked, due to having a fear of young children. Yes, you did read that correctly. Maria C. Waltherr-Willard, a 61 year old teacher, had been working at the school for 35 years before she decided to sue. She says that the school discriminated against her when they moved her from the high school into the junior school, where her biggest fear resides; young children. The lawsuits against the school claimed that Maria had been discriminated on due to her age and her disability, the phobia called pedophobia. She claims she had an extreme fear since the 1990s, which the school were aware of, and that this could cause panic attacks and anxiety. This therefore led to her resigning early, before submitting her claim to the courts. The rare phobia, which does actually exist, can also cause vomiting, high blood pressure and chest pains when near young children. However, the judge threw out 3 of the 6 claims in her lawsuit, so it didn’t quite go as planned for Maria.


Suing McDonald’s Over Hot Coffee

This is easily one of the most well-known, crazy lawsuits in the whole world. And it’s probably this one that started off this weird and wonderful trend. In 1992, a 79 year old woman named Stella Liebeck managed to sell McDonald’s for around $2.7 million; one of the highest payouts ever recorded. What happened? Well, the lovely older lady purchased a coffee from the drive-through McDonald’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico to enjoy on the go. As she removed the lid, she managed to spill the entire content of the cup on her lap which was then absorbed by her cotton sweatpants. The hot coffee was held in her sweatpants, against the skin on her thighs, groin and buttocks, causing a great amount of pain and damage. She was then hospitalized for a whopping 8 days, where she underwent skin grafting and two years of medical treatment after that. She sued McDonald’s for the $2.7 million by claiming that it was far too hot and much more likely to cause injury than coffee in any other food or drinking establishment.