A Closer Look At The Benefits of Drinking Water

Other than the fact that we humans need water in order to survive, there are plenty of other reasons to drink H2O that aren’t related to survival, but for thriving! First of all, we are mostly made up of water, meaning we need it in order to keep ourselves alive and viable. In addition, everything on this earth needs water in order to function and be created in the first place. Every ingredient in our foods needs some amount of water in order to be produced, while without being hydrated we, like plants, will wilt. Here are the top five reasons I found for drinking more water, trust me, you’ll thank me later.



If you have ever had trouble with your skin, you’ll know that there are plenty of reasons for what is causing your skin to act out, such as toxins in the body that clog our pores and create breakouts and acne. Studies have shown that drinking more water flushes out these toxins from our bodies and therefore our skin, resulting in a clearer complexion and a much better day all around.


Our kidneys are our body’s waste disposal, they filter through blood and transport urine to our bladder for expulsion. What happens when we don’t drink enough water? Kidney stones! Now I don’t need to tell you how painful those babies are, and how much our body would benefit from that extra bottle of water a day. You will feel better as your body will run more smoothly when hydrated.  


Those of us who have wanted to lose a pound or two have been told to drink more water. Why? Because hydration means we eat less, sometimes our bodies send signals to our brain that we are hungry when in fact we are thirsty! Also, drinking water will help with calorie consumption while you are eating. Water has also been seen to contribute to the body’s metabolic system – consider our body an engine and the water our fuel. 



We all have had a hangover before – come on, be honest! The best thing, and the only thing that works for me, is a giant glass of water as soon as I wake up feeling the pain from the night before. Alcohol dehydrates the body, and the headache and stomach woes we feel the next day are often from not drinking enough water along with our liquor. Do yourself a favor and drink a big tall glass of water every morning, hangover or not.


If you work out, as soon as you begin to sweat your muscles are losing liquid and tend to cramp and tire out. Drinking water throughout your workout and generally throughout the day, will help your muscles remain strong and the best they can be for you, otherwise you may end up pulling something, and nobody wants that.