Ad Blocker Might Destroy Free Content As We Know It

Since the dawn of time, people have been advertising their wares. If you travel across the globe, you will see people trying to sell you stuff in a number of different ways. If you go to some of the more traditional and developing countries, advertising can be as simple as some guy sitting in a market stall, shouting out his prices in the hopes of attracting buyers. If you are like me though, when you think of advertisements, you probably think of those annoying pop up ads that show up when you are on the computer. The chances you like most people don’t enjoy looking at them. If this is so I am happy to be the bearer of good news, new technologies are being developed, even as you are reading this to prevent you from ever seeing those ads. At the forefront of this are the computer manufacturers themselves.


According to a recent report from business insider, the use of ad-block software is increasing at the breakneck speed of 50% from last year. That is a big number and people are starting to notice, in particular the digital advertising firms, people who stand to loose their shirts in the next few years unless they find a way to adapt. In fact estimates for potential losses are at 9.7 Billion Dollars for next year alone. Another problem that the advertisers are facing is that, Apple is currently developing advance ad blockers for their IPhone. The Apple IPhone is currently the most popular phone in America, and if they can come up with a way, the advertisers can really stand to lose a lot of money.

To conclude, the advertising industry appears to be in a lot of trouble right now, if they can’t adapt, they are likely to be on their way down. There is too much money right now that is probably going to be lost as a result of new technologies that are constantly being developed.’

Source: BI