Airline Ticket Prices Are At A 3-year Low

2016 has brought travellers quite a gift with airline ticket prices at their lowest in 3 years. Plummeting oil prices and low demand are thought to be the cause.

A forecast by predicts that prices will creep back up over spring as demand increases, before peaking in June.


The destination with the biggest projected price drop is Honolulu, while international cities such as Rio de Janeiro (23%) and Milan (18%) could also see the price of tickets fall.

One way in which travellers can further reduce rates is by being flexible with travel plans. Flying earlier in the week is typically cheaper than it is from Thursday to Saturday.

Furthermore, flying at slightly more unsociable hours early in the morning or late at night can see significant savings. It’s also worth checking the cost of two one-way tickets with different airlines rather than a return ticket.