All the Amazing Reasons to Move to Charlotte North Carolina

Are you interested in moving to a vibrant city? Do you want a mix of modern and traditional? Well, you might consider Charlotte, North Carolina. Part of what is called the “New South,” the area embraces fast growth while still maintaining its Southern charm. In addition, it is the biggest city in North Carolina. Here are all of the amazing reasons to move to Charlotte, North Carolina.


Enjoy the race of your life

If you’re a NASCAR fan, you can get up close and personal with where it all started–the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It is believed the NASCAR is the descendant of races to deliver moonshine the quickest, back when alcohol was prohibited. You may even get to see famous racers such as Jimmy Johnson or Dale Earnhardt Jr. spinning around the tracks. If you want to give racing a shot, you can sign up for the Richard Petty Driving Experience. It costs $99 for three laps or $449 for eight laps. Some say NASCAR is Charlotte’s main sport.

Jobs everywhere

While many major cities across the world are experiencing a decline in available jobs, Charlotte is not one of those cities. Known as a banking capital, there are plenty of careers to go around. This means you don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life by moving here. In addition, because the city is laid back, you don’t have to worry about everyone shoving about to get to and from work. Things don’t work that way in Charlotte where people make manners and courtesy a priority. Some of the larger companies in the area include Wells Fargo, Lowe’s, Electrolux, Bank of America and Red Ventures.

Affordable cost of living

If you are tired of spending every dime on rent or your mortgage, you are not alone. The good news is Charlotte was ranked as having the 12th lowest cost of living in the nation. That means you get more bang for your buck as Charlotte’s housing costs are 18 percent lower than the national average. Property taxes are also fairly budget-friendly. Furthermore, the mild climate helps keep cooling and heating costs down. What would you do with a larger living space?

The weather is perfect

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the few places where you actually get to experience all four seasons. Yet, it does not get outrageously hot or cold. To illustrate, the winters can be anywhere from the mid-50s to low 30s. You get to see snow, but it does not prevent you from getting out and about. Not to mention, the city boats around 214 days of sunny and clear or partly sunny days.

Good transit

Getting around town could not be easier. You will enjoy the LYNX light rail system that makes all major stops and is never crowded. Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the nation–giving you access to the rest of the world. Then, the 1-485 gives commuters a break from rush hour traffic. Although, compared to other cosmopolitan cities–the traffic in Charlotte is quite bearable. Not to mention, B-Cycle, a bicycle-sharing program has 24 locations within the city.

One of the top 10 places to live

You may not know this, but Homeowners Insurance listed Charlotte as one of the top 10 best places to move within America. The report was based on the rate of renting a 2-bedroom apartment, insurance, private and public transportation, available entertainment and cost of living. That seems like a pretty good reason to move.

Whitewater rafting

Ever wanted to try this thrilling experience? You can at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. It is an official Olympic Training Site that ensures you aren’t risking your life. You can also use the center to enjoy stand-up paddle boarding. 

Fantastic scenery

Charlotte is near 10 mountains. You will also find biking, hiking and mountain trails. In an hour and a half, you could be in the glorious Blue Ridge mountains. Drive for only three hours, and you’re at the beach. If you love golf, you have your pick of over 30 well-designed courses. Go exploring, and don’t forget your camera!

Moving to Charlotte may be one of the wisest decisions you ever make in terms of improving your quality of life. The people here are friendly and still believe in Southern hospitality. Plus, you can have your pick of jobs, while having the ability to keep more money in your pocket.