Bad alternatives for planes

Planes might seem like a scary proposition for a lot of people, but, statistically speaking they are the safest way to travel. Planes are a wonderful feat of engineering, and actually a lot safer than even the cars we drive. They are also great for travel across the world and getting to places in a faster timeframe. Still, that doesn’t stop the phobia people have of not wanting to fly because they are worried about the consequences.

If you would prefer an alternative to flying you need to be sensible and make sure you don’t choose something dangerous. There are plenty of good alternatives to flying, but there are also some pretty bad ones that we’ve found over the years. These are some of the worst ones that you definitely need to avoid!

Hot air balloon

Wicker and nylon propelled by flame? Erm, no thanks, we think we’ll pass! A hot air balloon is an absolutely crazy idea in terms of safety, and that’s before you even get to how impractical it is. You would seriously never get anywhere if you had to travel via hot air balloon. This is our idea of a nightmare, and one of the worst alternatives to flying by plane. Seriously, can you imagine even trying to compare the two in any way?!


In the desert, they travel via camel all the time, and you will see caravans of the things moving through the hot desert night. Made famous by Lawrence of Arabia, and a big part of nomadic life in countries like Egypt and Jordan, travel by camel is pretty much par for the course in countries like this. Now, camels may be a great way of getting around the desert, but they’re hardly the most efficient mode of transport. Still, if you happen to be in the right country, they are an important cultural experience.


Anyone who’s ever been on a London rickshaw will know they aren’t for the faint of heart. The drivers of these things can be absolute nutters, and you will not have a belt to strap you in. This is basically a handheld wooden chair pulled by a guy who runs in front of it. It’s not especially safe, and it’s certainly not the most efficient way of getting around. There are moral and ethical things to think about when it comes to using a rickshaw, and they are best avoided in lieu of a plane.

Overnight bus

Sometimes the Greyhound is the best way of getting around, especially when traveling across the country. However, these bus journeys can often be grueling and take a long time, so they are hardly the best substitute for a plane. Consider it like this – a journey from, say, Washington State to Colorado takes the best part of 20 hours via overnight bus. But, on a plane, it could be less than two hours! An overnight bus needs to be near the bottom of your list in terms of alternative transport arrangements.

There are plenty of alternative modes of transport you can use instead of a plane. But, there are also some poor alternatives that you should never use instead of a plane. Most of these can take ages and be very grueling, so they are not efficient or practical alternatives to flying. If you don’t want to or can’t fly, you have to make sure you come up with alternative forms of transport.