All the Best Family Vacations That Don’t Require a Passport in America

Traveling with family can create memories that last a lifetime. The best part is you get to experience it all together. Here is a list of the best family vacations in America that don’t require a passport.


Grand canyon

This is one of the grandest family vacation spots in the nation. It measures around 277 miles in length and 18 miles wide. It is believed to be six million years old, expanding through the Colorado River. For centuries, people have taken the time to visit and appreciate this natural wonder. In addition, it is officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Every year, it attracts around 4.5 million visitors. When visiting, you do want to wear layers.

Even in the summer, the nights can be chilly once the sun goes down. If you plan to camp, you will need a backcountry permit. You can pick this up at one of the ranger stations or park’s visitor centers. Driving can be difficult due to winding roads and overcrowded parking lots. The easiest way to go is through public transportation. There are hotel rooms inside the park. Although, if your family is on a budget, get your camping permit and enjoy mother nature up close and personal. Visiting after the busy summer season allows you to capitalize on better deals.

Walt Disney World

On many family vacation bucket lists is Walt Disney World and for good reason. It is, after all, the most magical place on earth. In fact, Orlando, Florida is a family vacation dream come true. You will find plenty of beautiful hotels, for all budgets, and lots of delicious dining, from casual and fast food to fancier eateries.

The best time to go is in the fall when kids go back to school. It won’t hurt anyone to pull your kids out of school for a few days to enjoy a dream family vacation. The kid in you will certainly come out when you see Mickey and Minnie Mouse or go 20,000 leagues under the sea. The most important thing is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. A car is necessary because things are spread out, and taxi rides can quickly add up. Combo tickets and package deals also help to save money.

The Outer Banks

Off the coast of North Carolina, this is where the Wright brothers took their first flight at Kitty Hawk. If you’re a pirate at heart, you might be interested to know that it is also where the infamous Blackbeard fought his last battle at Ocracoke. Not to mention, this is where the lost colony disappeared.

You’ll have plenty of family-friendly activities to take part in from wildlife watching to fishing and exploring the 3,000 shipwrecks via scuba diving. You can swim, play mini-golf or visit the North Carolina Aquarium. Then, there are the secluded beaches, old lighthouses, and sand dunes. Keep in mind that if a red flag is flying, it means the tides are too strong for swimming. Also, Saturdays can be overwhelmingly crowded.


The most tourist-friendly island in Hawaii is Oahu. It also homes the state’s capital city, Honolulu. Here, you will find a mix of contemporary city appeal with cultural and historical sites. The island’s natural beauty and beaches are awe-inspiring. You certainly have your choice of world-class restaurants and shopping. Perhaps your family might be interested in a surfing lesson. You can also go fishing or bird watching. The best time to visit is in the fall when average temperatures start in the mid-80s to low 70s.


If you come from a family of history buffs, then Williamsburg, Virginia is for you. It is essentially a restored Virginia Peninsula city. You get to walk the same steps as the country’s founding fathers. There are actors who play the part of colonial America from dress to language. You’ll learn more about John Smith, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Pocahontas and more. You can also taste Colonial dishes, along with modern fare. There are several 18th-century taverns to choose from.

The thing about family vacations is you get to learn together. Not to mention, you’ll have a conversation about it for many years. Plus, you learn more about other cities, states, and people. It is a must to take at least one family vacation.