Brazil Descends Into Chaos As Olympic Games Get Closer


A political backdrop filled with uncertainty is sparking widespread, and occasionally violent, protests. Brazil is experiencing its worst recession in 25 years. A massive corruption scandal involving its biggest company has engulfed numerous executives and politicians. Add to that the deadly Zika virus, and you have a country in crisis mode.

Concerns are rising over whether Brazil will be adequately prepared for this seminal global event. The International Olympic Committee told CNNMoney Friday that it is “very closely” watching the political events unfolding.

Brazil won the Olympics games in 2009, when the country’s economy was at its best. Now the country is battling a series of social, economic as well as political hardships.

While it hasn’t been stated that the Olympics will be canceled, there is a higher potential for violent protests, a global travel warning ban has gone through to warn pregnant women not to travel to Brazil, and in August, it is unknown who will be president.