This 31 Year Old Was Sick Of Expensive Rent, So He Built The Most Amazing Low Cost House!

We all hate that time of the month when we have to pay rent. House prices are increased, and some folks have devised ways of maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. Life is short, and you should make an effort to enjoy every bit of it. An example of building a low-cost house can be derived from web designer Alek Lisefski, who used the common knowledge of building a house to come up with a cost-effective way of constructing a home. Rather than sinking in debts totaling to thousands of dollars, Alek successfully put up his home for an unbelievably low price of only $ 30,000.

His tiny house, which measures only 8x20ft, looks so cool and above all, it’s mobile. Anyone would personally give anything just to be in it for a single day. Alek’s focus was to change how he lived his life and, therefore, he put up this small house while he was still living in Iowa. Many of us are condemned to living in one spot after purchasing a home but for Alek, he was able to tow his house to California where he presently lives with his small family.

We all hate living in small spaces and find them uncomfortable, but after looking at the adorable Alek’s house, trust me, you’ll think twice. Instead of spending most of their life paying back debts accrued because of purchasing a house, the family is fully enjoying life spending their bulk of money on leisure and travel. Despite the small size of the house, Alek is still able to concentrate on his work. Thanks to the natural light coming into the house, it makes the tiny house appear larger than its actual size.

Obviously, a lot has been put into designing the house and so, it doesn’t look cramped. Slide-out drawers conceal spices and pantry shelves, and it’s possible to store kitchen items thanks to shelves lined up on the walls. Other impressive features of this house include a tiny, yet functional bathroom with a small sink and a shower that doesn’t take much space. It’s worth mentioning there’s a loft located on the second floor used as a bedroom and has a full mattress.

Tiny House

Although small houses are not for everyone, we can’t deny the fact that they are increasingly becoming popular. You cannot base your happiness on the square footage of your house because you could be living in a big house and still be unhappy. Avoid getting into huge debts buying a house when you can build a tiny house, free up your money and get your dream home in a stress-free manner. In these tough economic times, be reasonable and consider other options that will be cheaper and more convenient. Don’t live beyond your means because your finances will dry up faster than you can ever imagine. A house is not about the size; it’s about the efforts you put in to make it habitable, comfortable, stylish and elegant.

Small house