These Super Creative Business Cards Will Blow Your Mind

While some people are saying that business cards are already becoming a “thing of the past”, others are re-inventing the way a business card should look like. These amazing business cards got me thinking about getting new business cards myself.

USB Business Card

USB business card is a great way to give “freebie” files to anyone you meet or a potential VIP client. I personally think this is a great way for starting out musicians to get labels to hear them out, or it can also function as a great way for designers to share their portfolio book without cold emailing the whole world. USB Card USB business cards



Divorce Lawyer Business Card

The tearable divorce lawyer business card literary represents what happens to families when divorce comes calling. You can actually tear the damn card through the line in the middle. But that should be after you are done with the divorce lawyer.

Divorce Lawyer Business Card 2

Divorce Lawyer Business Card


Mechanical Business Card

This unique mechanical business card is great to show off your mechanical skills, if you are looking for someone with engineering skills you defiantly need to get this guy.




Event Photographer Business Card

The event photographer’s viewfinder business card can get you thinking that you have a real camera at hand only that the card is transparent so that you can see your fingers on the other side and stop hallucinating. event photographer card


Yoga Business Card #1

Yoga mat business card is designed like a real mat to always remind you about yoga classes. If you happen to mix it with other cards, it will stand out because it spreads out like the mats that are used in yoga classes. This is one of the cards that you put on the table while having tea at a restaurant for all to see. Yoga Business Card


Yoga Business Card #2

Yoga trainer business cards reflect on what the trainer does to earn his daily bread. The card has a photo of a beautiful lady training yoga, and there are two holes at her knees where you can insert two fingers. If you do that when issuing the card, the other person might think you are joking until he takes a look at the front side of the card.

Yoga Trainer

Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade


Cheese Grater Business Card

The cheese grater business card may be mistaken for a real grater as it has the holes that are found on a normal grater. The only difference is that it’s small in size. In fact, the designer is very much aware of this, and that is why the top most part has been left to create space for displaying the contact details of the owner. cheese grater business card 2 cheese grater business card

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil

Fitness Trainer Business Card

The fitness trainer’s tearable business card has the photo of an overweight with a big belly. The card has a dotted line that is used to tear away the belly probably after you get into shape. The part of the card that remains represents the new you. Fitness Business Card

Zohra Mouhetta helps you strip away your belly! (Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai, United Arab Emirates). Source:


Plumber Business Card

If you are a plumber, you should think outside the box and get miniature plumber’s plunger with contact information. plumber’s plunger

Designed by Indelible Design


Designer Business Card

A quick glance at designer’s seed packet business card lets you know that the chap is into landscape business. Designer Card 1 Designer Card 2

Designed by Jamie Wieck


Classic Rock Theme Business Card

The classic rock theme business card is essentially a comb that makes a unique rock melody when the bristles are rubbed with a finger.

Business Card Music

Advertising Agency: Fabio Milito design, Roma, Italy


Circumciser Business Card

When you get the circumciser’s business card, you might think that you have already gone through the cut as it plucks with the symbol of a foreskin. Circumciser’s Business Card

Advertising Agency: Agency: Healthy People by Grey, Istanbul, Turkey


DIY Chair Business Card

Toy chair business card can be hardly misplaced as it’s just a toy that cannot be put in a pocket. Toy Chair Card

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil


Dentist Business Card

When you want to get in touch with your dentist, simply go through your cards and pick the one that has an image of a tooth with a cavity because it’s the dentist’s cavity business card.   dentist card

Designed by Michael Häne & Remo Caminada

Pilates Studio Business Card

This pilates studio business card was designed to wake up your body. As you can see that card can be woken up as well… Pilates Studio


Personal Trainer Business Card

The stretchy personal trainer’s business card is so unique. It’s probably made from a flexible material. The text is so compact such that you have to stretch the card to see the details clearly. Trainer Business Card


Hairdresser Business Card

The hairdresser business card is coiled, and the ends shredded to resemble real hair. The come in various colors. business card hair dresser hair cut

Designed by Igor Perkusic


Investment Representative Business Card

If you trade in stocks, you might want to go for buy/sell investment representative business cards. One side is red, and the other is green to reflect on the sell and buy signals respectively. The edges represent a real markets signal. Stock Market Business Card Stocks

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada


Bike Store Business Card

For bike technicians, there is multi-tool business card that will remind bikers to call you when their bikes need to be fixed. Bike Card Bike Tools Business Card

Designer: Rethink Canada


Lego Agent Business Card

Your own personal Lego agent business card looks like a toy but still drives the message home. Lego Card for Business Lego Business Card


Cargo Business Card

Transformable cargo box business card is for those who are into the shipping business because it looks like a real cargo box. Cargo Box Business Card

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil


Frames and Accessories Business Card

Picture frame business card is ideal for people who make picture frames. Picture Frame Business Card

Advertising Agency: Piko, Moldova


Lawn and Property Enhancment Business Card

For those who are into lawns business, seed packet business card is all they need. Lawn Business Card

Advertising Agency: Struck, USA

Tennis Business Card

If you are a tennis fanatic, it’s advisable to go for tennis court business card, even though it looks like a tennis court for ants. Tennis Business Card


Makeup Service Business Card

If you are a makeup specialist, the makeup business card is the best for you because customers will look at the lips and remember you. Makeup Card Makeup Service

Advertising Agency: OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, Brazil


Cosmetic Surgeon Business Card

When you look at a cosmetic surgeon business card, you don’t need to ask what job the fellow does because it’s crystal clear that the practitioner prides himself in helping ladies look good. cosmetic surgeon business card

Advertising Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria


Transparent Designer Business Card

Stylish transparency business card is recommended for painters since it reflects on elements of art. creative business card for designer designer cool business card

Designed by Dario Monetini


Survival Training Business Card

Survival training dried meat business card is amazing as the contacts are embossed on the meat. Survival training

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada


Grill Business Card

Lastly but not least, grillable business card is for people who trade in grilled foods especially restaurant owners. The contact details can only be viewed after placing the card above a flame for some minutes. Grill 1 Grill Business Card Cool Grill Card

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