These College Football Teams Desperately Need a New Stadium

These College Football Teams Desperately Need a New Stadium

Going to college is about new experiences, making lifelong friends, learning and attending a few football games. Yet, your school’s stadium might have left a sour taste in your mouth or much to be desired. Keep reading to learn more about college football teams that desperately need a new stadium.


University of Miami

This campus is located in a state known for sunshine and oranges. Yet, this team used to play at the Orange Bowl. Then, university president, Donna Shalala moved them to a stadium that is 15 miles from campus. Not to mention, it has no shade. Just by watching a UM game on TV, you will see that half the seats are empty. Unfortunately, this school needs a new stadium.


The Wallace Wade Stadium just does not seem fitting for a school of Duke’s caliber. It is small and surrounded by a track, just like the one you had in high school. You would think it would be larger and covered, but it isn’t. It is also the smallest stadium in the ACC, and it still does not get filled to capacity.

University of Buffalo

This school has around 20,000 students, yet its stadium is remarkably small. Like Miami, it is limited by a track. There are also end zone bleachers that were built in the late 90s. It would be pretty difficult to watch a game in the open-air stadium during the frigid winters.

Washington State

Martin Stadium could use a cover. With winds that cause your bones to rattle, no one wants to sit through a four-hour game. Unfortunately, the team has only won 11 home games in five years.

Georgia Tech

This football stadium opened in 1913. That can be considered the stone ages, with regard to stadiums, if you really thing about it. Since the school has a downtown Atlanta campus, that might be a good place for a new stadium. After numerous expansions, the current stadium looks nothing like its original design.


This stadium has the capacity to see 40,000 revelers. Relatively new, it was opened in 2003. So, it doesn’t really need to be replaced. What needs to happen is an expansion. Their college football program has made it from the Big 12 conference to the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma. So, they should think of accommodating more fans.


Memorial Stadium can hold around 50,000 fans. Yet, it is also surrounded by a running track like several other stadiums. Not to mention, it is part of the Big 12. It needs an update soon to stave off the stigma of having some of the worst facilities.

San Jose State

Their football program has long been at the lower end of the Western Athletic Conference. Their stadium isn’t much to gawk at either. On top of being old, it is in need of modifications and adjustments. The good news is they did get a new playing surface. Of course, Spartan Stadium will only get revamped when they start winning games. Otherwise, there is no incentive to do so.


Louisiana–Monroe campus is outside of New Orleans. The only major activity in the area is fall football. Despite that, only 17,000 fans show up each game. It is possibly due to the fact that Malone Stadium has not had any improvements in 25 years. The team does fine with home games so, it makes sense to have some improvements.


In 1971, Sam Boyd Stadium was built for $3.5 million. In 1999, it underwent a $1.2 million renovation. The stadium can hold 37,000 fans, but it does not feel like a major college football team. Although, since the program isn’t performing too well, it may be a while before another renovation takes place.

San Diego State

Qualcomm Stadium is an open air facility that allows fans to enjoy the sunshine. The Aztecs have not done much to improve the school’s reputation in terms of its football program. Yet, it is quite sad to see the stadium only get as much as half full.

You can bloom wherever you’re planted, or you can change corresponding to your environment. Some of the above schools can find the means for stadium improvements so, it is odd that nothing has been done. On the other hand, it is much easier to justify increased spending when the team is winning and bringing in the fans. Hopefully, these schools will get with the program.