Delta Airlines Reward Employees With A Whopping $1.5 Billion


Employees of Delta Airlines would be receiving a whopping $1.5 billion profit sharing as declared by the airlines last Friday.

The airline further stated that the amount signifies the largest ever profit shared by companies to their employees.

The employee would in this profit sharing enjoy an additional 21 percent of their yearly compensation.

A memo by the CEO of Delta Airlines, Richard Anderson and the President of Delta Airlines, Ed Bastian, reads that they have frequently being questioned on the uniqueness of Delta Airline.

The memo gave the answer to the question to be the employees who they termed as unique people as well as their focused culture. They believed these 2 factors was the edge they had over other airlines.

Airways News reported that the structure of the airline’s plan for the sharing of the profits shows that about 10 percent of their profits would go back to their employees. The percentage could, however, increase to 20 percent in the event that the profit for the year goes above $2.5 billion.

The airline had a successful 2015 which saw the airline reporting $5.9 billion adjusted profit before tax.

The employees of the airline enjoyed a similar gesture in February 2015 when $1.1 billion was shared amongst the employees.

In the past 5 years, the airline has shared out about $4.1 billion amongst its employees in its profit sharing program and other rewards for outstanding employees.

While some airlines have not been practicing the profit-sharing program, another airline, united airlines have engaged in a $698 million in profit sharing in 2015.

Few days ago, the CEO of Delta Airlines has indicated the desire to retire from being the CEO of the airline. Bastian is penned down to succeed him as the new CEO of the airline as soon as he retires.