Donald Trump Still Tops the Polls Ahead of Jeb Bush


Despite some controversial comments recently, it seems as though Donald Trump is still topping the 2016 GOP presidential field polls. According to a survey which was carried about by Economist and YouGov, Trump had 28% of Republicans picking him as first choice. A steep jump from the 15% announced at the beginning of July. Trump was also second choice for 10% of voters. This has pushed Donald Trump further ahead of Jeb Bush, previous favorite and former Florida Governor.

Trump recently came under fire for his controversial comments, in which he questioned whether John McCain deserved the status of a war hero. It was thought that these words would mark a turning point in the campaign, and either make or break him. It seems as though they have had a positive impact, if the polls are anything to go by. At this stage it’s still just too early to tell whether those numbers will hold fast.