Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For More At Your First Job

It’s exactly that time of year when companies are scouting fresh college graduates to pull onboard, and students are anxiously anticipating new job offers. The eagerness to start a new job right away often means that employees usually accept the first job offer they get without considering any negotiation regarding salary.

We get it. It does seem more than intimidating to actually a discuss your pay before accepting a job offer, in fear that you may lose the opportunity all together, but that is not the reality. Many companies often anticipate a negotiation about a new worker’s salary and are usually prepared for the discussion. The employer is usually up to 10% flexible on the offered salary rate, so you certainly have a reason to initiate the conversation.

The best thing a new worker can do before deciding whether to negotiate a salary is research! Use your resources, ask current employees of the same company, or even visit a college career office because you will soon find out that people want to help you and the information is really out there. Compare the offered amount to typical earnings in the career and gage around where their offer stands.

Most importantly, remind your employer that the reason for negotiation does not fall around your personal enjoyment or necessity, rather for the company’s long term well being: highlight how a higher pay will ultimately benefit the company and your contribution to it.

Along with a higher salary, you should also feel free to discuss flexibility of work hours and vacation days. Companies are well aware this generation takes the notion of work and life balance very seriously, and will most likely be willing to hear you out. Remember: this company would not have made you an offer if they weren’t interested in you. They have already invested time and effort into getting you on board, so negotiation is very much on the table. In fact, it will just show them how serious you are about the job and your intention for long-term commitment will reassure them that they made the right choice.