The easiest instruments to play

Musical instruments are the perfect way of channeling your creativity and coming up with new skills. You want to have a hobby that can help you to channel your feelings and emotions, as well as develop skills. But, let’s be clear, learning a musical instrument can be a hard slog. There are a lot of instruments out there that are incredibly difficult to learn and pick up.

But, you shouldn’t let this put you off because there are instruments that you can learn fairly easily. If you want a less stressful and arduous way of getting creative, you need to look at trying to learn one of the easier instruments. The way to do that is to make sure you check out our list and understand what is simple to pick up and play pretty much right away.


The recorder is perhaps the most common easy instrument to learn, especially at a young age. This is because it involves a little more than simply playing the triangle, and you can actually play music on it. Though it is a little trickier to learn, it is still pretty easy to pick up after just a few lessons. It’s very much a rudimentary version of a clarinet or flute, where you use your fingers to cover holes, as you blow into the top to create music.


The harmonica is another incredibly easy instrument to learn, because, for the most part, you control the sound it makes. It’s not like learning the violin, or the piano, where you have to master strings or keys and play them in the right order. With a harmonica, you simply use your breath to control the sorts of noise that the instrument makes, and you can move the harmonica across to generate higher or lower pitches.


A triangle is probably the easiest instrument in the world to learn. You literally hold the triangle using a piece of string, and then tap it with a small metal bar. This causes vibrations and makes the triangle make sounds. You can tap different parts of the triangle, at different speeds to change to tone and pitch of the sound. You won’t need any skills to play a triangle, just make sure you have good timing. This is the perfect instrument for anyone who has never picked one up before.


If you want to play drums, but you’d rather ease yourself in with something simpler, bongos are a great place to begin. These hugely simple skin drums are played using the palms of your hands. The brilliant thing about bongos is that you don’t need to learn how to play them, and they don’t require any skill to play. All you need to have is a certain amount of rhythm, and you can rock the bongos in style!

As you can see, there are a fair few instruments that are pretty simple to learn how to play. This is a selection of just a few of them, and you need to make sure you try out one of these to get you started. They will help you enjoy playing music, and are a great way of progressing on to better and more complex instruments.