Every College Student Should Have These Basic Skills

You would be amazed how many students start at college each year without any idea of the basic living skills. This is obviously because you have done too good a job of looking after them, however when your child is preparing to go off to school it is vital that they have some basic grasp of the skills that they will require and will see them thrive in their first year.



Budgeting is something that most new college students have to tackle and learn during college. Although budgeting is not part of the typical high school curriculum it would be really useful, however it is something that boils down to how parents have educated their children and some common sense.

The majority of students appear to say the same thing, “I spend way too much money on food.” Being a student on a food plan is not necessarily a concern but it is the temptation to eat out that is the problem. With this in mind, it is important that you make sure your child is well versed in the cost of eating out. It is a case of explaining that eating out is great but they are also going to want money left to do other things, but it boils down to making choices and compromises.


This is a lesson that can be taught within five minutes but is an absolute necessity. Although all machines are different provided you have the basics the rest is easy to figure out. The rule of laundry is to separate the whites from the colors and under no circumstances should denim go in a tumble dryer!


Rooms in the dormitory are small and will feel even smaller if they are dirty and cluttered. There is no doubt that everyone knows how to tidy and put things away but the chances are that a student will never realize when the room could do with a tidy. There is no need to teach your child how to clean, just make sure that they are equipped with all of the tools that make cleaning easy and how to get things done at a rapid pace.


Most students don’t need to know how to cook, but there is no harm to ensure they have a few simple meals committed to memory. This knowledge will be vital when the dining food looks and sounds awful.

Managing Time

Although most students will have learnt and developed good time management skills during high school, it is the free time that college offers that can be most daunting. All of the free time that college affords sounds great but the reality is that there is far more work to be done out of the classroom. Each student will have their own system and routine which is fine but the most important thing is for this to become established. Students will have errands to run, but the student may find it good practice to schedule these into their routine in order to make sure that everything gets done with their workload being their biggest priority.

Share Tasks

No one is responsible for their roommates, however there is nothing wrong with helping out where you can. If it is their turn to take out the rubbish but they have a really important test just around the corner, it is only right to do this for them. Help them out and you know that they would do the same for you.

The skills above may seem obvious, even common sense but you would be surprised how many students are stumped by one or more of these. So, when you are preparing your young adult for college be sure that they have taken all of your useful tips on board, they will thank you for it, honest!