Everything you wanted to know about the second Snow White


Love them or not, those Disney princesses have been a part of our lives since we were little ones. Whether you dreamed of sweeping them off their feet or wanted to know what it was like to dress up in a huge ball gown and prance around a castle, chances are you’ve thought about these princesses once or twice. So what about if we told you there was another to add to the mix? Yup, we’re talking about the second Snow White who just might be getting her own story.

There are two Snow Whites?!

As if the Disney world wasn’t interlinked enough already, it now seems as though we have not one, but two Snow Whites to contend with. We’re not talking about two characters that look alike either. No, we mean there are ACTUALLY two Snow Whites in the world. The brothers Grimm were the first ones to write about Snow White back in 1812 when they told the story we know and love today. However, a few years later the brothers released a novel titled Snow White and Rose Red. Only, in this story, Snow White is an entirely different character. Confusing enough for you?

So if there are two Snow Whites, who’s Rose Red?

Rose Red is the sister that we never got to hear about the first time around. Snow White didn’t grow up the lonely child we thought she did – she had a sister there the whole time! According to the story, the pair were named after their mother’s favorite rose trees that grew outside her window. However, that is where the similarities come to an end. Snow White is known throughout the book to help around the house while Rose Red is happier playing outside in the fields around their home and having a good time.

What happened to Rose Red?

Of course, no good princess story would be complete without a prince, would it? The sisters are busy playing in the field when they spot a black bear that needs somewhere to star for the winter, so they invite the creature into their home until it warms up in the spring. We couldn’t forget the other classic from Snow White, could we? This is where an evil dwarf comes along – not like the happy, singing friends Snow White finds in the woods. No, this character makes their lives difficult until the bear shows up and ends his life. At first, the sisters are scared until they realize it’s their bear friend from before. What great timing, all of a sudden, the bear transforms into a prince that can come back to life now the dwarf has gone as he had been under a spell for years. To top it off, Snow White marries the prince, Rose Red marries his brother, and their mother moves in with her rose trees. And they all lived happily ever after.

The crossover

Snow White might have been the success of 1937, but now it looks as though this rebooted live-action film could be about to bring the beloved princes back to life. So how does it all work? Well, the movie is set to follow much of the same story as Snow White takes a bite of the poisoned apple. Only, when she falls unconscious, it’s now down to her sister, Rose Red, and Grumpy to travel across the land and save her sister. The movie was first announced back in 2016, but it looks as though we; might have to wait a while longer yet as no release date has been confirmed.

So there we have it. We have seen those Disney movies hundreds of times by now, yet it still seems those princesses have ways of surprising us. How could we never know about a missing sister? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long until we hear the rest of her fairytale…