Most Expensive Season Tickets in Europian Football

If you’re a soccer fan then chances are you know how expensive it is to go and watch your favorite team play. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re in the English Premier League or a Serie A team in Europe, the cost of season tickets are rising. Here are the most expensive season tickets in the world; good luck getting one!

Milan Tickets 

AC Milan

The world was a little bit shocked when AC Milan raised their season ticket prices once more, to end up being the most expensive in the soccer world. They may be known for their world class players and stunning performances, but does it really justify how much they charge for a season ticket? If you want to see AC Milan play on a regular basis then it is going to set you back £3,600 (over $5500), so this isn’t a team for the poor. As their performances are going downhill plenty of fans feel like they’re not getting enough for their money as well. AC Milan will either have to win some more matches or reduce their season ticket prices if they want to keep their fans happy. No one wants to pay a small fortune to see their team sitting mid-table in Serie A…


Here’s another Italian team in Serie A who charge a ridiculous amount for their season tickets. Perhaps they took a leaf out of AC Milan’s book? The funny thing is, they were in Serie B last season and have only just made their way up the league. They now sit at mid-table in Serie A, just above AC Milan, so it seems quite a shock that they’re charging so much for their dedicated fans to watch them play. A season pass for Palermo soccer games will cost £2,994 (nearly $4,600), which is a lot of money for any football lover. What makes this ticket price even more of a rip off is that fans can barely see the action in the Palermo stadium, thanks to the athletic track which goes around the outside of the pitch. This means that fans are pushed back even further away from the action and will have to squint to see what’s going on. If you want value for money then don’t bother with a Palermo season pass.


We’re seeing a bit of a recurring theme when it comes to Serie A teams charging too much money for their season passes. Lazio aren’t exactly renowned for being a world class football team, they don’t have as many star players as some of the others on this list, and they have been underperforming for some time. However, this hasn’t stopped them from charging just under the price of a Palermo season pass at £2,993 (again, nearly $4,600). Luckily, at least they’re performing a bit better in the Italian league, Serie A, than the first two on this list. They’re currently in fifth position, although their last few games have left a lot to be desired. If Lazio want to continue charging so much for their season tickets then they’re going to need to step their game up a few notches. Otherwise, they may find themselves with an empty stadium as all the fans turn to leave.


This entry may be one of the biggest shocks in the list, even though they’re doing much better this season than some of the other Italian teams on this list. The fact is that Fiorentina aren’t exactly renowned for any famous players or their style of play, nor for any competition wins. People can’t seem to understand why they then seem to be able to justify £2,652 (over $4,000) for a season pass to watch them play. Although they are currently higher in Serie A than the first few soccer teams on our list, they have consistently stayed in the top mid-table, and don’t seem that set on moving. Unlike some of the other teams they’re not exactly known for winning European competitions, or even competing in them. It’s a wonder anyone pays such high amounts to see a mid-range team play every year, but they do!


This English team made headlines when they recently raised their season ticket prices, especially when they have been underperforming as of late. Back in Arsenal’s heyday they were known as The Invincbles, but things have changed quite a bit for the team since then. In fact, their recent performances have been so poor that most fans are known to chant ‘Wenger out’ in relation to their long-time manager. Arsenal now charge £2,013 (just over $3,000) for a season pass, in the hope of paying off the huge bill for their not-quite-so-new stadium. If their performance continues to drop, however, then they’re likely to lose some of the diehard fans that have been helping to pay for that stadium. Their biggest saving grace comes in the form of players such as Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud and Walcott. Without their big name players fewer people would fork out for a season pass.

Tottenham Hotspur

Trailing just behind Arsenal (as usual, some Arsenal fans may say) is Tottenham Hotspur, who charge their fans a whopping £1,895 or just under $3,000, for their season passes. Although this certainly isn’t close to the most expensive on this list, it can be hard to work out where Spurs justify this amount. They’re consistently mid-table and missing out on some of the bigger competitions, so we’re all scratching our heads as to why their season passes are so expensive. It could be something to do with them being a London team, which seems to automatically boost season ticket prices. It may also be something to do with some of the former and current stars who have played at White Hart Lane, including Gareth Bale and Emmanuel Adebayor. Whatever their reasoning behind charging so much, it is unlikely that Tottenham will consider lowering their season ticket prices at any point in the future.

Inter Milan

We’re back to Italy with this team, which makes us wonder how much spare cash Italian soccer fans must have spare! Inter Milan used to be one of the biggest teams in the world, with plenty of big name players and a wealth of wins under their belt. However, they have definitely fallen from grace recently and currently sit mid-table in Serie A. It’s a wonder they’re selling any season passes this year at all, with lackluster performances and no Champions League entry. Nevertheless, people still fork out £1,800 (around $2,800) for a season pass to see Inter Milan play. Perhaps they’re hoping that the team will step up their game in the future. Or maybe they’re just happy to pay a lot less than some of the other Italian teams on this list. After all, it’s almost $3000 cheaper to see Inter Milan play than AC Milan; and they’re doing better in the table.

Real Madrid

We were really shocked to see that Real Madrid wasn’t at the top of this list, when you consider how well they perform and how many famous players they have in the team. Perhaps it’s just not commonplace to charge that much in Spain, unlike Italy. Real Madrid are consistently in the top 3 of La Liga, which some people consider to be the greatest soccer league in the world. Not only that but they have won a whole string of other awards and competitions, including being named as the FIFA Club of the 20th Century back in 2000. If there is one team you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of money on seeing live it would be these guys. With that in mind, their prices are pretty cheap compared to some of the other teams on this list. A season pass will set you back £1,460 (around $2,200) and you’ll get the rush of seeing your team win, a lot.


They may consistently be embroiled in controversy, but Chelsea fans are committed to their club and certainly don’t mind forking out for a season pass. Chelsea have been consistently expensive when it comes to their season ticket prices, but they are also known for spending a fortune on filling their team with great names. At least you can see where your money is going when you pay for a season pass at Chelsea. Considering they’re sitting pretty at the top of the English Premier League right now, most fans won’t be too bothered about paying the £1,250 (just under $2,000) for a season pass to see them play. Plus, if their fans keep getting banned from the stadium for stupid things, like the recent Chelsea fan metro racism video in France, then there could be plenty more season passes on offer pretty soon. If you want to become a Blue then make sure you’ve got the funds to see them play!


Last up on this list, but still well overpriced in our opinion, is one of the best Italian teams in Serie A. Roma are currently second in their league and have been doing well for quite some time, but does that really justify £1,210 (over $1,800) for a season pass? They have a 52,000 capacity stadium which is rarely empty and were recently given a cash injection from American investors, so surely it would make sense to lower their prices now. It seems unlikely, especially as they continue to dominate Serie A. When you consider that a lot of Roma’s fans come from around the world to see them play, this could turn out to be one expensive team to follow. It does mean lovely holidays in Italy though, so there’s an upside.