Get More Business Savvy With Documentaries On Netflix


You may not be aware but Netflix has a plethora of tech and business documentaries that subscribers have instance access to. There are profiles of some of the greatest innovators such as Steve Jobs to why humans behave the way they do. As well as offering some insightful information on business success the documentaries also have an entertaining storyline.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi the 2011 documentary shows a Japanese restaurant owner and sushi chef who is obsessed with quality, complete dedication and years of hard work have made him the man he is today.

TED Talks: Life Hacks focuses on success in both business and life. In the 10 lectures viewers will learn the secrets of body language and productivity tips that are researched back and really easy to follow.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work sees a year in the life of this prolific comedian and provides an insight into her quest to stay relevant and how she stayed top of her game. It also highlights that Joan was willing to take any work just so her staff got paid and her steely determination that is a necessity for success.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is a 2005 documentary that sees the fall of the energy company Enron. As one of the most publicized cases of accounting fraud and financial corruption it takes a look at the reasons why and how the empire collapsed.

American History: Henry Ford shows the life of the famous automobile maker from child to immensely successful mogul and reveals his constant changes that affect the way in which we work and manage business today.

Freakonomics the film is based on a book and discovers the economic and scientific concepts behind the way humans behave. This gives a useful insight into what motivates customers, coworkers and employees.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing follows the career of this astounding entrepreneur and designer and describes the technology and retail legacies he has left us with not to mention his legendary presentations.

Something Ventured follows some of the most successful venture capitalists who thanks to luck or genius made it big by betting on tech companies at the very beginning. This crash course documentary shows how entrepreneurs and investors have partnered up to build some of the most prolific American businesses.

Burt’s Buzz shows the tale of the late Burt Shavitz who was a bee keeper that had no idea that he had a billion dollar international brand. The story follows his life from his early days as a photojournalist through to the complicated relationship with the co founder who brought Burt’s share of the business and then went on to sell the company.

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price debuted in 2005 and follows many of the businesses negative practices such as underpaying staff. Since this documentary there have been numerous changes but this is a compelling and controversial take on big business in the US.

Print the Legend takes the viewers inside the prosperous 3D printing industry and follows startup companies as they battle to become the next tech big businesses.

Somm is based on the lives of four men as they prepare for their master sommelier exams, a test that has one of the lowest pass rates worldwide. The film is inspiration and proves that you can achieve the unthinkable with determination and vision.

Food Inc will definitely see you thinking long and hard before snacking again! Made in 2008 this film shows how the big corporation value their profits over environmental and consumer health and raises numerous questions about what companies should be doing when their profits conflict with the well being of their customers.

Downloaded stars the creators of Napster, and explains the upsurge of file sharing on the internet. Learn how the company was founded and the subsequent impact it has made on the music industry, eventually being purchase by Rhapsody. This 2013 film gives viewer’s narrative from many perspectives including musicians, legal experts and also the creators.

The Director takes viewers behind the scenes of the world famous fashion house, Gucci. The film follows the career of Gucci’s creative director and Italian fashion designer Frida Giannini and see how a new collection is created, featured on the catwalk to eventually end up in closets worldwide.