How To Make Money On Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that absolutely anyone can sign up to, offering any kind of services from as little as £5. It sounds simple, and the truth is, it is that simple! Services provided on the Fiverr marketplace can vary from something as simple as logo design and content creation, to as creative as holding up personalized messages during a skydive, with each service offered being referred to as a ‘gig.’ Sounds good, right? So let’s have a look at how you can utilize your own set of skills in order to make a decent income from Fiverr.

A young man from Nigeria, Eze John, used Fiverr for thirty days and in that time managed to make himself the exact amount of $1,644. According to him, there is a very simple formula used to generate this kind of income in such a short space of time, and that is what we’ll be looking at today.

When it comes to Fiverr, it really is as simple as offering a good service for just £5. However, before offering your services, you need to do some initial research into some other previously successful, or even currently successful campaigns on the site. Look at what other people are offering, how they’re offering it and if it’s working and use their methods as inspiration for your own campaigns.

It didn’t take Eze John long to figure out that one of the most popular services offered on Fiverr was video animation, and so he came up with the idea of providing animated messages that could be personalized, such as whiteboard messages, picture messages and so on. He has since admitted that there is genuinely no secret to the success of this service – he saw it was popular on the site already and so adapted it and made it his own. However, not only did Eze John choose to offer a very popular service, but he also made sure he could provide it within in 24 hours! So not only were customers getting a good product for a bargain price, they were getting it quickly too!

It didn’t take long for Eze John to become inundated with orders. His products made excellent, quick, easy and affordable gifts for people who lived a great distance from each other, couples who wanted to surprise each other, siblings and even family members. There was a video perfect for everyone, and this made his gig incredibly appealing.

So as you can see from the Eze John case study, the best way to make a successful gig on Fiverr is to offer a service that is cheap, popular and readily available in a short period. However, there are some other important tips you should consider in order to create a successful Fiverr gig.

Much like social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter, tagging is necessary. If you want your gig to be noticed by more people, you should include tags that people can track, and then link back to your gig, in the same way that YouTube has keywords. Make sure all the tags are relevant to your gig – if you’re offering a video service, use VIDEO and ANIMATION, and so on. The more relevant your tag is, the higher it will be ranked in the search.

In order to make a larger income, you could offer alternatives to the same gig. For example, one Fiverr user provides her British accent for a lot of different recordings – DJ sayings, video reviews, tutorials, voicemails and so on. While essentially she is offering her vocal services over and over, the service is slightly different each time, and so she can class these as numerous gigs, therefore earning more money.

Keeping customers coming back is also important. You don’t want them to spend £5 on a gig and then never spend their money on your services again! Offer discounts and special promotions to keep the customer coming back. For example, you could offer to do 20 tweets on someone’s social media account for £5, and should they repurchase from you a second time around, you could offer to do 30 tweets for the same price. Repeat customers mean more money and also more hits on your profile, which looks appealing to other potential clients.

In addition to offering promotions and discounts to keep customers coming back to you for more, also make sure your profile looks good to customers both old and new. Try to make sure you don’t cancel orders, miss deadlines or deliver a product late. All of these things will result in a customer leaving a bad review on your page, and this can affect your success in future.

Another great way to make more money from you gig is to share it as much and as often as you can, making more people aware that your gig is there and introducing them to the service that you are offering them! People won’t know your service is there if you don’t promote it, so don’t be afraid to shout about what you can do for them!

It is important to remember that Fiverr does take a 20% fee off of all the earnings that you make through their website – if you’re selling something for £5, you will only receive £4. In addition to this, you’re charged £2 each time you withdraw the money you’ve earned from the site into your bank account! However, this shouldn’t prevent you from wanting to get involved with the site. Instead, it should spur you on to want to make more money so that you don’t miss out!

It really is very simple to utilize Fiverr and create some additional income for yourself. Eze Johnson made over $1,500 in a month, and he’s not the only one creating a successful gig on the Fiverr marketplace. The site grows and grows every single day. Just take a look at the skills you have, skills you can offer via the internet and the digital world and see how you can turn this into a desirable product for a large number of people. Then it becomes as simple as following all of our tips to generate as much income as you possibly can!