How Will France Will Defeat ISIS?

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Just 48 hours after the deadly November 13 attack in Paris, France’s air force was already mobilized and ready to hit back at ISIS.

The Paris attack that left 129 dead and 352 injured was condemned as an “act of war” by French President François Hollande. Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister stated they would “annihilate the enemies of the republic.”

France has been targeting ISIS in strikes since 2014 and its military’s aircraft have carried out over 1,000 missions against IS targets. As a member of NATO, France can benefit from its alliance with some of the strongest militaries in the world.

Today, France has one of the most powerful militaries in the world with an estimated 215,000 active personnel. It is one of only nine nations to be in possession of nuclear weapons and one of just two countries to have a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

And while France is ready and willing to show its strength, there has been a great deal of support from other global powerhouses, including the US. President Barack Obama has pledged to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with their long-term ally. It is this strength of solidarity that can help bring down ISIS once and for all.