Intel Invests $67 Million Into Chinese Companies


It seems as though Intel are carrying on their huge spending spree in China, after a reported $60 million contract with a drone maker in Shanghai. They have plunged $67 million into eight Chinese companies, all in different areas and niches. At this rate, Intel will be able to buy China out completely. While they haven’t divulged how much was spent on each company, they have given the names of who the investments have been made with. The eight companies are:

  • 99Cloud, providing OpenStack solutions
  • AWcloud, yet another OpenStack business
  • Bluebank, a hardware company that products smartphones and tablets
  • Hampoo, providing components for the making of smartphones and tablets
  • Ninebot, the business which purchased Segway earlier on in the year
  • Nuovo Film, creating technology for touch screens
  • PraFly, producing control systems and robotics
  • Telink, creating chips for items like smart bulbs

As you can see from the list, Intel have been quite diverse in their choices. This isn’t the first time the US based business has pumped a lot of cash into the county, however. They have been operating in China for 30 years and it’s thought that they have invested nearly $2 billion in local companies. By looking at the companies they’ve invested in, it’s clear they have a strong portfolio that contains exciting options along with some of the more ‘bread and butter’ stuff.

Intel released a statement saying that they were committed to fostering Chinese technology, innovation and development. With a huge investment such as this, it’s clear to see that the economy will receive a much needed boost in China.