How to Make a Dutch Braid in Six Steps

There comes the point when you’re so bored with your everyday hairdo that you just want to try something different – but you don’t quite know how or where to find the best ‘do to suit you. Braids are some of the easiest hairstyles to do on yourself. They’re fashion forward, comfortable and they even keep the hair off your face for days at a time (bonus). One of the easiest braids is the Dutch Braid; we all know this as the ‘inside out’ braid (you’ll see what we mean). So let’s get braiding!

Step One


The first step is to brush your hair to ensure there are no tangles that can become even more tangled when you try to make the braid (Trust us. It gets pretty messy). If you can, spray the top of your hair with a smoothing creme spray that will also help the process and stop any little stray hairs from popping up.

2. Step Two


Step two is to take a three-inch section of the top of your hair and then separate it again into three equally spaced sections. Take the first small section and pass it under the middle one, so in turn, the first section ultimately becomes the middle section, and the middle becomes the front section. Just like a regular braid, so far!

3. Step Three


Next, take the back section and repeat what you just did. Pass the section underneath the middle section – again, so they then swap places. After this, grab another piece of your actual hair with your thumb, and add the extra hair into the front section, before passing it under the middle section again. Make sure you keep the added hair tight against your head.

4. Step Four


Continue repeating this process. Add more hair with your thumb to the back section, and pass it under the middle section, making sure the added hair stays taut against your scalp. Continue this until you have used all of the extra hair, and have reached to the bottom of your ear with the braid.

5. Step Five


When you get to the bottom of your ear, continue braiding by passing each side section under the middle section – but now you don’t need to worry about adding in extra hair. Continue braiding until you near the end of your hair length, and you are about 1 inch away from your ends to give the braid the ability to move. Use a hairband to secure your braid in place. A clear elastic hairband is desirable, but any will do.

6. Step Six


If you want to make your Dutch braids last longer and look full and fabulous – gently pull apart each section of the braid to make them look thicker and add plumping powder to give them a fuller look. Finish off with a bit of hairspray, and voila!