Mexico’s Oldest Women Passes On At The Age Of 117

Imagine spending your whole life without a birth certificate; especially if you were one of the oldest people on the planet. That is exactly what happened to Mexico’s oldest woman, Trinidad Alvarez Lira, who was 117 years old. Just hours after finally receiving the copy of her birth certificate she had been waiting so long for, she passed away.


Trinidad Alvarez Lira was described by those who knew her as caring; well-known for looking after her pets and plants. It is thought that she moved to Mexico when she was around 2-3 years old, yet struggled to get hold of the documents that proved not only that she was a bonafide citizen of Mexico, but also that she was born in 1898.

Without her birth certificate, Lira was unable to claim any of the old age benefits that she was legally entitled to. The City Department of Social Development said that they had finally got around to granting her birth certificate on Wednesday 28th June. Unfortunately for Mexico’s oldest woman, she passed away from a heart attack just hours after receiving that long awaited piece of paper.

She would have been able to backdate all of the old age benefits she was entitled to, with this new proof, however, she did not live long enough to cash any of her cheques. Perhaps it was the shock of finally receiving that long, lost piece of paper that caused Trinidad Alvarez Lira to pass so soon after. Or maybe, she could just finally rest in the knowledge that she was a bonafide citizen of Mexico and really was born in 1898.