Most Powerful Militaries in the Middle East

Militaries hold the responsibility of protecting the country from which it derives. The middle east is known to have some amazing militaries, and these guys do what they must to ensure their citizens’ safety. Here are 15 of the most powerful militaries in the middle east today:


The military in Yemen has been dealing with the Houthi rebel movement, which has given it more challenges than merits. This country is ruled by a government that doesn’t necessarily control its own territory, making it a collapsed state.



Lebanon ended its compulsory army service to citizens in 2007. Because of so many different religious groups in the country, and the inability to make large decisions, the Lebanese army has always been small.



After the US army invasion in Iraq in 2003, their military has really boosted their strength and power.



Bahrain’s army mostly consists of American military equipment, including a series of fighter jets. The country offers a