Office 39 Kills of Luxury Goods Flow

The United Nations is using new ways to kill off the flow of luxury goods to North Korea’s ruling class, and Canada is willing to actively help with this operation. Until recently, Canada had neglected to go about trade restrictions on Pyongyang’s infamous “Office 39,” which is the secretive cabal acting as an investment fund for North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un’s and his riches. This procures luxury goods for the ruling class of the Hermit Kingdom.

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However, thanks to the recent UN Security Council sanctions, Canada is allying with the US, United Kingdom, as well as the European Union, all of which are listed in the clandestine government body for a few years now. This will ensure that there will be a set of laws putting restrictions on the leader’s personal bank account. The revised sanctions were added on March 2, 2016 . According to a government official, Canada is “currently taking steps” to use the said sanctions in their own, internal law.