Pinterest Celebrates Hitting 100 Million Member Milestone


The unique social networking site, Pinterest, has celebrated a new milestone this week; hitting 100 million members. In an announcement made on Wednesday, the digital business announced that it had surpassed 100 million active members. While there have been doubts cast on the credibility of the online scrapbook and social network, it seems as though they have been thrown asunder with this announcement.

Many people originally compared Pinterest to social sites such as Facebook, however the company is eager to shake off this comparison. Instead, they believe they’re more like Google in the way they enable users to discover and learn new things.

Those who were unsure on the incredible valuation of $11 billion recently, may be rethinking their attitudes towards the San Francisco based company. In just five years, Pinterest has managed to climb the leaderboards as one of the most visited websites on the internet. They have amassed vast sums of venture capital from investors and partners, in order to continue their rapid growth.

Despite this massive milestone for the website, they are still a third of the size of giants such as Twitter and Instagram.