Rio Is Too Dangerous For The Olympics

Everyone in the Brazilian Government has been saying come to the Olympics this year. It is safe, and you will have a great time. The only problem is, Rio de Janeiro is not safe, at least that is what Rivaldo is saying. Let me backtrack a bit Rivaldo Ferreira, who is known simply as Rivaldo is one of Brazil’s greatest soccer players. He is up there with Ronaldo and Ronaldinho in terms of greatness. When someone like him says, stay away from my city, it isn’t safe, and you are likely to get hurt or killed. That means something to me, especially since I am sure he would rather not be saying that. Let us now talk more about the problems facing Rio de Janeiro.


Rio de Janeiro has some of the most beautiful beaches of the world, along with some of the world’s worst poverty. As in any city with a lot of poverty, there are high levels of crime and disease. Seriously, if you wander up the wrong alleyway, there is a good chance you can get killed. Parts of the city are extremely dangerous for tourists, and to be honest anyone. Another problem that Brazil is facing right now is the Zika Virus. That too is not looking like it is under control. So Rio de Janeiro is not looking to be a particularly enticing vacation spot right now.

To conclude, as much as I hate spreading fear right now, maybe it would be best to avoid going to this year’s Olympic Games, it certainly would be a bit safer, that is for sure.