Slack Keeps Growing

Slack CEO: Messaging app continues rapid growth with 2.3 million daily active users

Slack continues to grow at a breakneck speed as it releases it latest figures on Wednesday during its second anniversary. The company now has a total of 2.3 million daily active users, which is four times the number of users a year ago. Such figures allow the company to claim that it is one of the fastest growing business apps ever.

In the past two months alone, the work-messaging app added 460,000 daily active users, or 20% of its total daily active users. This means that the app has earned as much new daily active users in the last two months as it did in the first year when the app was launched. This indicates that the company is still experiencing the strong growth rate as when it first founded.

Slack is currently earning over $64 million in annual recurring revenue. And its success is in part due to its ability to not only attract active users but also ensure high rates of user engagement. Some users are reportedly spending close to 10 hours on the app every day. Based on current indications, it appears that this growth is likely to continue on in the near future.