Studied Rich People For 5 Years And Found They Avoid One Type Of Person

You may not think it, but who you spend your time with matters a whole lot more than you could possibly know. The fact is that your friendships could have a major impact on your actual net worth. The author Thomas C Corley, has been researching the habits of wealthy people for the past five years and there was one thing that came through, this being the type of people that wealthy people avoid at all costs, pessimists.


In his book, “Change your habits, change your life” Corley explains that self-made millionaires are really particularly about the people they associate with. Corley states that one is only as successful as the people that they frequently spend time with. Rich people are constantly on the lookout for people that are goal orientated, optimistic, have attention to detail and are enthusiastic with a complete positive mental outlook on life.

In is study, 86% of rich people were in the habit of only being associated with other successful like-minded individuals. Additionally, these people make a point of limiting their exposure to negative and toxic people.

Corley truly believes that we emulate those people we are associated with and this is why it is so important to substitute negative acquaintances for those positive individuals as positivity appears to be the hallmark of rich people, and long term success was only possible by having a positive mental outlook.

Corley is not the first person to suggest that negativity is the quickest way to derail your success, and also that relationships can affect your financial success. Napoleon Hill, the journalist drew very similar conclusions after researching more than 500 self-made millionaires.

The bottom line is that there is no room for negativity when you are pursuing success, so start hanging out with optimists and steer clear of the pessimists.